Bride and Groom at Middleton Lodge Holding pumpkins over their faces.

Carve out some good times…

At this time of year, I usually find myself (and I can’t be alone) grumping about Halloween and what a scam it has become, but I finally get it. In the busy hullabaloo of daily life we all need something to look forward to, whether it’s a summer holiday, a

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Autumn Scene at Hutton Rudby bench with autumn trees

Waiting For My Portrait Subjects To Arrive

This morning I arrived early for my portrait session.  I sat in the car listening to Jake Bugg(I’m going to see him on Saturday night so I’m cramming his latest CD).  I looked out across the village green at Hutton Rudby and this was the scene looking back at me. 

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little girl splashing in the autumn sea holding mum and dad's hand

I love children’s portrait sessions…

it’s the not knowing how the shoot will end, it’s the not knowing if the shoot will start, it’s the head full of creative ideas that I may never use, it’s the going with the flow of the child in my viewfinder, it’s the fun I have from the seat

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Little boy sulking surrounded by Autumn leaves

Autumn Half Term Portrait Sessions…

I have 3 half term location sessions available for next week and once they are gone I’m fully booked.  If you’d like to take advantage of some beautiful local locations, get in touch and I can run through available time options.  It would cheer me and Ben up if you

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Donna & Glenn // Wynyard Hall //

How long have you known each other? 12 years. We met when we were 16 How did you meet? A friend introduced us. We started talking on msn and then planned to meet up. Can you share your proposal story? We were in Manchester going to see Michael Buble in concert.

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vintage toned image of bride and bridesmaid in bridal suite at Wynyard Hall

I’m not a Ninja…

I’m 6ft tall with size 9 feet so I will definitely not be invisible on your wedding day, but what I will be is discreet, respectful and professional.  I know when to be amongst the action and when to be waiting on landings outside bedroom doors(not in a creepy way). 

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Sam & Dan // Hunley Hall //

How long have you known each other? We’ve known each other 4 years. How did you meet? We met on a night out in Middlesbrough. Can you share your proposal story? Dan proposed on Christmas Eve first thing on the morning, it was the sweetest thing. He wanted to propose

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Autumn Leaves image of a little boy in Norton wearing a yellow raincoat against red leaves

Ben’s Autumn Portrait Session

So Ben turned up to my studio this morning at 9.55am prompt with his mum and on seeing me did an about turn and decided he’d like to leave(I didn’t take this personal).  I opened the doors and mum took Ben through to the sitting room area.  Within no time

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a montage of 2 wedding images night shots of Crathorne Hall and Headlam Hall

Wedding Fayre Sunday…

This Sunday team Walsh (Me & Lynn) will be attending two wedding fayres, apart for a while and then united at Crathorne.  So I’m doing the early shift at Headlam Hall and then joining Lynn at Crathorne Hall for the last hour. If you’d like to chat or you have

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A new wedding blog chapter begins…

I’m first and foremost a photographer, but like most self employed ladies and gents I have to spin many plates to keep the wheels turning.  Which is why I will be working a little harder(if that’s even possible) to woo you with a selection of tasty wedding images and some

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