Headlam Hall Wedding Photography/Clare & Gareth/Wedding Photographer at Headlam Hall

Bride and Groom leaning against a vintage Jaguar at Headlam Hall, the wind caught the brides veil and the couple are laughing.


The days of turning up to photograph a wedding with 1 camera, a tripod and 5 rolls of film are long behind me. Now I carry back up cameras, an array of lenses, plenty of memory cards, on camera flash and battery studio/location off camera flash, reflectors, LED wands, a box of coloured gels (to change the colour of the flash light) and lots of other bits and bobs that will help push my images on.

Sometimes while photographing a wedding I’ll get lucky with minimal equipment. The image I have featured in this post was set up by me and then mother nature helped me out with a gust of wind, the brides reaction was priceless and with my trigger speed skills the image was captured.

This image taken at Headlam Hall, reminds me of a famous quote by Samuel Goldwyn – The harder I work the luckier I get… I believe we make our own luck, working hard maximises the chances of good things happening.

I love my job as a wedding photographer and I am continually looking at ways of improving my photography. My kit bag continues to get fuller, but I never ever bring complacency with me to a wedding…

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