All You Need Is Love…

This post is from the Butcher (a real live juggling mum) and not the Block (ME), Sarah has said some lovely things and in these days of transparency, I must add that no money changed hands, but we did exchange group hugs after their family session…

Since photographing our wedding, we’ve booked a family (as we two are now four) photoshoot with Gary each year – and the photos are just getting better. Gary’s a phenomenal photographer; as well as being technically brilliant, he can read people quickly, and use his talents to respond to a situation capturing that special je ne sais quoi in a split second – themz skills! But what’s more is our relationship is growing – mine and Mike’s slightly stiff, camera shy awkwardness is ebbing away, resulting in more relaxed shoots, and photos that truly capture ‘us’.

We firmly believe that our annual shoot is worth investing in. We come away with treasured keepsakes that track the development of our family. They’re carefully considered, and meaningful compositions – curated, I suppose as Gary is more than your ten-a-penny jobbing photographer, he’s an award winning artist who’s earned his stripes.

So good is his work that, unlike the two billion plus photos taken every day, and left to die an undiscovered death in cyber space, one walks away with hard copy, tangible portraits from a Gary Walsh photoshoot! ACTUAL PHOTOS that one can choose a frame for, and hang on a wall – fancy that! I may jest, but the value of print over pixels, of a real photographer, with a real camera, and years of training, compared with the mobile phone wielding untrained eye amateur is just immense. The joy brought about through a properly printed physical object – a quality, carefully crafted image is simply immeasurable, and worth every penny.

Where to start? Well, we’ve done studio shoots when the children were babies, and location shoots to a couple of our favourite places. Keen to make our most recent studio shoot different from the last I thought about what’s going on in our lives right now. With two small children, and hubster working away a lot, the family unit can feel a bit fraught at times, but we’re managing, because we’re stuck together with love.

This sentiment gave me an idea for our not-quite-matchy-matchy jumpers and jeans photoshoot ‘strip’. I got thinking about the way lives evolve, about the tough times, and about holding it all together. I’ve got a Pinterest board called ‘Fashionable ways to Help Families’ – https://pin.it/HdQpb9r, on that board I’d pinned a couple of jumpers, proceeds from the sale of which go towards the charity Help Refugees.

I bought one for Mike with CHOOSE LOVE emblazoned across the chest. It was designed by Katharine Hamnett, creator of the 80’s slogan t-shirt, who has donated her slogan CHOOSE LOVE – a twist on her iconic CHOOSE LIFE slogan t-shirt, to the Help Refugees campaign. My LOVE jumper came from the Selfish Mother blogger‘s online shop, and I had the childrens’ LITTLE LOVE/BIG LOVE jumpers printed by the very loved up couple in Personalize, Great Ayton.

CHOOSE LOVE is a powerful statement on many levels, I believe that choosing love is a choice we make, and the concept offers perspective. As a charity Help Refugees offer aid to the most vulnerable people currently reaching Europe’s shores… they say,
“We are all children of migrants and refugees. Civilisations fall apart when we stop caring for our fellow men.”

I say sometimes we all need a reminder of the love we hold dear, and a reminder to thank our lucky stars! Sometimes you can’t quite afford to do something, but sometimes your heart tells you that you can’t afford not to. Life is short – choose love – seize the day!

• Choose love – show love!
• Call Gary to capture that love – 01642 355205
• Support Help Refugees: his CHOOSE LOVE jumper – https://chooselovetshirt..co.uk/?cgi=1 her LOVE jumper – https://www.thefmlystore.com/pages
• Keep on lovin!

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