Anyone can take a photo…

professional photographers do it for a living.

Anyone can take a photo, a flower girl at an Acklam Hall wedding taking a picture of a bridesmaid and her partner with an iphone.
flower girl taking a pic at Acklam Hall…

Taking an image is getting easier as phones get more camera sophisticated, but does that make you a photographer? Google tells me a photographer is someone that captures memories, so if you’ve ever taken a pic, then you’re a photographer.

Do we still need professional photographers? The ballpoint pen was patented in 1888, so does that make everyone that’s ever owned one a writer. I suppose the answer is a very loose yes! Can you see where I’m going with this or do I need to spell it out?

I’ve had my studio on Norton High Street for 20 years and in that time I’ve created so many memories that people have hanging on their walls. Only last week during the viewing of a teenagers most recent session, her mum told me she still had her daughter’s first ever studio shoot frame on her living room wall and it makes her smile everytime she looks at it. I could have hugged both of them (20 years ago I would have, different times back then).

If a house was on fire and the owner had the chance to grab one item before they left what would they take? The answer was always a family photograph. If I asked you this same question today what would your answer be? If the answer is still the same, then my job is safe…

Anyone can take a photo, bride and groom image taken at Headlam Hall.  The couple are holding onto each other outdoors at night and their bridesmaids are swirling sparklers in front of them.
a recent wedding image taken at Headlam Hall…

I was watching I’m A Celebrity yesterday and the question Kiosk Kev (if you know you know) asked the contestants (to win in my opinion a very small amount of after eight chocolate mints) what percentage of adults would time travel into the future instead of the past 57% or 27%. The answer to me was obvious, 27%… I would love to go back in time and the main reason would obviously be to spend more time with the loved ones who sadly are no longer with us. We’d all love to do that I’m sure.

Anyone can take a photo, 2 sisters photographed under an an autumn tree using portable flash at Wynyard Hall gardens.
two sisters photographed at Wynyard Hall Gardens…

Keep snapping away capturing all those lovely memories, they are an investment that will only ever increase in value, but don’t forget your professional photographers.

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