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Award Winning North East Wedding Photography Bride and Groom outside at sunset

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Award Winning North East Wedding Photography Bride and Groom outside at sunset
last shot of the day

It’s not all about being an Award Winning North East Wedding Photographer, when I photograph a wedding I’m thinking mainly what the bride and groom want from me(in this instance Sara and Paul), next I consider what would their parents want from me and finally what do I want from the wedding (from a creative angle, although a glass of prosecco and a slice of wedding cake would always be welcome).

Reportage is what the French call it…

Telling every couples individual story is always top of my list, making sure all those natural candid moments are captured from the right angles without any interruption or intervention. This is when all my years of experience of shooting weddings works in my favour. Knowing where to stand when the father of the bride is about to see his daughter in her wedding dress for the very first time or when the bride and groom face each other for their wedding ring exchange and many more emotional one off moments that present themselves on a wedding day.

Then you’ve got the shots that nobody is keen on, but the ones that will increase in value as time passes, the family group shots. I always check with my couples and find out what family images are crucial to them and will need capturing on their big day. I don’t have a roll call list that I turn to for every wedding, I want to maintain a bespoke photography coverage for each couple.

Award Winning North East Wedding Photography Bride walking into the ceremony room with her father.
proud dad and happy daughter

Not every image I shoot is a contender for Award winning North East wedding photographer, but that doesn’t mean they are not emotional contenders. A very proud dad walking his very happy daughter into the ceremony room at Woodhill Hall to marry the love of her life is a definite winner for me. I love this image in black and white because there are no colour distractions to take your eyes off the emotion.


Award Winning North East Wedding Photography Bride and Groom walking out to their guests throwing confetti
best confetti shot ever

The set up and stand back candid shots are a combination of great backgrounds, the right people and a sprinkle of sponteniety.

The walk through wall of confetti shot is organised ideally when the bride and groom have just been married and they are having 5 mins alone. Then it’s my job to make sure their exit from the room is lined with family and friends gently clutching handfuls of confetti (top tip, on a hot day don’t hold the confetti too tight in your hands, otherwise on release it will hit the couple like a damp stone as opposed to a romantic shower). Then as the couple walk through the floating confetti their expressions will be natural and not forced, resulting in a beautiful set of images.

Award Winning North East Wedding Photography

and finally, there are the shots for me, the ones were I stretch my creativity and come up with something unique for my bride and groom.

The opening image at the top of this post has just won a Wedisson award. This is my 4th award since becoming a member earlier this year. So I’m now officially an international award winning photographer…

I promise it won’t change me

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