Behind The Scenes Bike Session…

an outdoor set up shot of Steven Bell on a cycle trainer

Water – sorted

Smoke – sorted (thank you James Holgate at sound 2 AV)

Lights x4 – sorted

Canvas backdrop – sorted

Bike Training Stand – sorted

50 something very fit cyclist (Steven Bell) – sorted

With everything in place, I started with a dry run, getting the balance right with the daylight, the 4 flash units, 2 backlights for the water, a main light on my model, a fill light over the top of my camera and finally enough daylight to create a bit of peddle blur, but no blur on the face of my model.

On with the cold water and then we spent 20 mins shooting on a November afternoon wearing lycra and getting wet (Steven not me) listening to Bob Marley and T. Rex.

I’m delighted with the finished shots and as a photographer I enjoyed stretching myself by shooting something different and I made sure I listened to Steven (the expert) when it came to the cycling techniques.

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet – Bob Marley



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