The Big Birthday Surprise…

4 young adult cousins photographed at Crathorne Hall

So when your wife announces 3 months before her big birthday that the only present she’d like would be an up to date portrait of her 2 daughters and 2 nieces, as the last one taken was 7 years ago…

The girls all agree(1st hurdle), we sort a date(2nd hurdle), the date and time changes a number of times(these girls are busy young ladies).  Fast forward to shoot day(time of shoot changes a further 3 times). The girls have discussed the look and clothing that they like and with permission sorted we head over to Crathorne Hall, I’ve got a boot full of photographic equipment and the girls have brought retouch make up.  The next hour was the fun part, using Mum/Aunty Lynn’s big birthday as the reason for 100% cooperation from Emily, Lucy, Evie, Sophie, they threw themselves into the session, casual posing and no cheese was the order of the day!  Once the location shoot was over we all had to arrive back home at different times and not mention a word to Lynn, which proved very difficult as we spend a lot of time talking to her about our day.

02/10/16 at 8.30am a large single colour portrait framed in a broad rustic dark wood frame is handed over to the birthday girl, quickly followed by tears(good ones).  My work here is done and once the birthday celebration dust has settled this portrait will have pride of place in our house.  A moment has been captured  and the value of this will only increase with time…

We had a timeline for this session to take place which is why it happened when it did, but it would have been easy and with good intention to keep putting this off because life kept getting in the way.  All that effort was worth it in the end… x

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