We Are The Park Bench Heroes…

For me the humble bench on Norton Green has upped its game considerably and the distanced coffee conversationalists that sit edge to edge have filled me with admiration. We were park bench heroes, Nearly De Niros, Nought to zeros, We’d come and dream… Paul Heaton   Walking through the village

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Norton village early morning image and the tree is lit with a torch

Photographing Norton Green with a torch…

Whilst out on one of my exercise walks I came across an interesting tree on Norton Green (reading this sentence back suggests to me that I need to be photographing families and weddings again).  A tree still shining with a copper glow set against a backdrop of dreary rainy days

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Norton village early morning image and the tree is lit with flash

Norton Village Captured by me…

I’m not a landscape photographer and I don’t have a style.  I’m inspired by my surroundings and I interpret each scene as I see and feel it in the moment… I am a professional photographer and my studio is in Norton Village. I’m constantly searching the area for inspiration and

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Elopement wedding in Durham…

My 2020 window of opportunity has been cracked open, but only enough to reduce the risk of infection.  In my 20 years of photographing a whole range of weddings, from intimate gatherings to the most lavish and expensive of weddings, until 2020 I had never photographed an elopement. That all

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young girl surrounded by hydrangeas

Autumn is my favourite Photography season…

Autumn is my favourite season, so I wrote this rhyme for no reason, when the leaves go, they’ll be followed by snow and if you don’t wear a coat you’ll be freezing… Gary Walsh October 2020 My car is loaded up with photography equipment and my head is full of

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Socially Distancing PORTRAIT Photography…

Socially distancing portrait photography is going to be around for a while, so I thought I’d best embrace it. During the lockdown I have taken my camera out on my exercise walks and documented the changing world around me, I’ve listened to entertaining podcasts on surviving and thriving, I’ve watched

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4 hospital staff wearing PPE holding framed photographs

Lockdown Exercise Walks

I’m a decent human, and I work hard to make my world a better place. This current situation is both daunting and fascinating, every day is an effort as I normally love to be accessorised by close family and friends. On the 1st April 2020, I went on my first

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studio dog portrait

Studio Dog Portraits

I LOVE photographing people and my photography background is mainly people led, shooting either weddings, children, family and corporate portraiture.  Studio Dog Portraits is my new venture. I’ve always been a dog person, our pooch is now thirteen and she’s a huge part of our family. At home we have

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Father of the bride…

I didn’t want to get to the eve of my daughter’s wedding and be staring at a blank screen, filled with emotion, with a heart overflowing with love and pride and then to find I was suffering with father of the bride writer’s block.  So clutching heaven and hell (my

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North East Calendar 2020

When it comes to photography, weddings, portraits and predominantly people are my thing, but to relax I love photographing local landscapes. Michael Poole Estate Agents asked me if I’d like to work with them on a North East Calendar 2020. They have branches in, Billingham, Coulby Newham, Eston, Ingleby Barwick,

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