Christmas present portrait, young girl photographed sat on a bench at Wynyard Hall Gardens, beautiful light

The Best Christmas Present (ever)…

location portrait photography If I had a pound for everyone I bumped into in October telling me they needed to book in and update their family or children’s portrait, I’d have £23 in my pocket. Another year goes by, followed by another and another and if you don’t book it

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Pet Photography

Haute Dogs & Irresistible Bitches Waggy Christmas To You… Thank you to everyone who has emailed me their interest in the rebirth of Haute Dogs & Irresistible Bitches pet photography. I’ve been on Norton High Street now for 20 years and I’ve never really had a plan (is it possible

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flower girl taking a photo with an iphone of a bridesmaid and her partner.

Anyone can take a photo…

professional photographers do it for a living. Taking an image is getting easier as phones get more camera sophisticated, but does that make you a photographer? Google tells me a photographer is someone that captures memories, so if you’ve ever taken a pic, then you’re a photographer. Do we still

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Award Winning North East Wedding Photography Bride and Groom outside at sunset

Award Winning North East Wedding Photography…

Hero images & Real images It’s not all about being an Award Winning North East Wedding Photographer, when I photograph a wedding I’m thinking mainly what the bride and groom want from me(in this instance Sara and Paul), next I consider what would their parents want from me and finally

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bride and groom walking from church under and umbrella

Rockliffe Hall wedding photography…

Sam and Tom’s Rockliffe Hall wedding Wedding Q&A from the heart. How long have you known each other? 6 years and 4 months. How did you meet? My friend Nadia said her sister asked if we wanted a drive out to Whitby with a group of her friends (all lads). Nadia

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2 flowergirls walking into the ceremony room with the groom out of focus in the foreground.

It’s the little things…

Childhood memories are the most important in life. As an adult try to remember your favourite childhood memory: scoring the winning goal for the school team, going to sleep at your Grandma’s, your first underage pint in a pub (please drink responsibly) or being asked to be a flower girl

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stylish black and white image of a brother an sister

Happy Birthday To You…

With a big birthday looming and a catalogue of bad birthday presents the pressure was on Robert (name has been changed to protect his identity) to excel. Guess what, he only knocked it out of the park… Every morning when Robert’s wife comes down the stairs she looks at a

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overview of ceremony room at Le Petit Chateau

Le Petit Chateau Wedding

this blog post about a Le Petit Chateau wedding venue and it has the lot, from a beautiful bride Q&A to cute children giving their wedding angle… In my opinion a good friend is someone who when you’ve not seen them for a while, as soon as you meet up

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Headlam Hall image in garden with 1st dance text

Headlam Hall Wedding

what a beautiful day at Headlam Hall with Grace and Will “Headlam Hall was the last place we visited and it had everything we wanted whilst being beautiful” Grace and Will got married at Headlam Hall just outside of Darlington. They are definitely in my top ten of relaxed down

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festival wedding silhouette of the bride and groom

Festival Wedding

Nothing else matters when you’re at a music festival and it feels the same when you’re sunshine happy at a festival wedding, but don’t just take my word for it… Jo and Stephen held their festival wedding in the grounds of Nunnington cricket field, The Grand Old Uke of York

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black and white headshot of a horse in a field

Horses Scare Me…

  My morning walk to senior school involved a field, a tied up horse or not on some occasions (the not tied up horse is where my horse phobia began). As I approached the field I would see kids preparing themselves for the equine run, even though I ran for

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Our Visual Culture…

Photography changed the world and it’s how we remember modern history. A compact camera would always come to Whitby with the family for our Summer holiday, ice cream surrounding a smiling face (standard shot) and a combination of family groups in a beer garden with pint pots dominating the foreground,

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