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In a very visual world, workplace portraits and professional headshots are on the increase.  The way I’m gauging this is the fact that my diary is getting booked up by companies who in the past have used Colin from accounts because he has a big camera or they have been relying on Judith’s iPhone skills.  A good portrait is all about the lighting, whether that be daylight or flash, then a flattering composition followed by a subtle amount of digital polishing.

a female student working at her desk

Whether you’re an actor, yoga teacher or a CEO, a professional headshot is an essential marketing tool to have in your arsenal, one which can make the difference between landing a job or not.

Husband and Wife studio headshotstudio portrait of a businesswomen on a white backgroundThe current situation (Covid-19 pandemic if you’re reading this in the future) has given us a little more time to look at our home and work life.  I’m currently looking at my website and giving it a good clean up and adding some fresh images (again if you’re reading this in the future, it should all be complete). 

Maybe when all this is done you and your company would benefit from some business portraits and professional headshots?  I’ve got my diary open and you 100% have my attention.

workplace business portrait in a bridal shop

If you’re coming to me, on arrival we will spend a little time chatting about what you want from your session before we head into my studio.  As well as professional lighting, I also use hand painted (by professional artists) muslin backdrops and a white seamless backdrop for a very clean looking portrait.

studio headshot of a businessman in a suit

If I’m coming to your workplace, I have new lights and they are very powerful yet really portable, I can now shoot in your workplace with minimum disruption to your working day and the final results would sit well in a Sunday Times glossy supplement.

outdoor workplace buisness portraitcandid image of a businessman on his mobile in his office

 4 Top Tips

 1 – Check yourself in the mirror before coming into the studio, only you know how you like to look.

2 – Dress neutrally, a classic style will give your image a longer shelf life.

3 – Less is more with makeup, especially for a business portrait.

4- If you’re coming to me, bring an umbrella, if the weather is not looking good make sure you keep your head and shoulders dry.

 If you’d like to discuss your shoot further please email or call me at the studio 01642 355205. 

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