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For Sale…

property photography, 3 bedroom semi detached house in Wynyard Billingham, shot in early evening light.
property photography, wide angle shot of the living room at Wynyard Billingham address.
property photography, dining room shot in colour, looking through to living room at Wynyard Billingham house.
property photography, shot of master bedroom in colour at Wynyard Billingham house.

People are now living in a digital world and searching for property online has never been easier and it is the fastest way to search for a house or commercial property. Great quality photographs are becoming essential if you are buying, selling or renting (a picture speaks a thousand words), bad photography is not going to tickle anybody’s property taste buds…

I’m a professional photographer and I will make sure you get the best results to make your property appeal to potential buyers. Photographing interiors is a specialist skill, knowing how to light and balance the outside world with the inside furnishings takes time and the right equipment. A set of beautiful images will leave a lasting impression on your internet property browsers.

Getting your home to stand out against a monopoly board of internet property options has got to be your first hurdle. The visual impact of beautiful images is going to stop buyers in there search tracks. Badly lit, poorly composed and blurred images will leave you in the definite no pile of properties to view. Professional images will encourage buyers to check your property out.

Get in touch with me if you’d like to know more or to book an appointment for me to photograph your property. 01642 355205 studio@garywalsh.co.uk

Champion Of The Worldand Middlesbrough Football Club Fan...

Studio portrait of world champion darts player Glen Durrant BDO World Darts Champion Glen (Duzza) Durrant

Champion – a person who has surpassed all rivals in a sporting contest…

Grounded – admirably sensible, realistic and unpretentious…

It was an absolute pleasure to have Glen in my Norton High Street studio.  We spent a couple of hours together, photographing him for his main sponsor Harrow Darts.  We had a number of different scenarios to shoot, from kissing his trophy, punching the air and throwing darts.  So when you purchase a Harrow darts dartboard with Glen’s mugshot on the box, you’ll know it was shot by me.


Sunrise on Saltburn beach…learning new tricks

Sunrise at Saltburn slow shutterspeedEarly morning silhouette of Saltburn pier blurred wavesSunrise on Saltburn beach, shared with a runner, 2 photographers and 3 dog walkers…

18th February 2017, armed with my ipod, a camera, a tripod, a shutter release cable and a couple of filters I decided (after checking the weather on my iphone) to head to Saltburn at around 5.30am.  My motivation was to try out some new kit and have a play with a few new filters.  Driving along the parkway and seeing a flash of red in the dark morning sky, I knew that falling out of bed early was a good move.  Stood on the beach at 6am ready to capture the sunrise listening to Elvis belting out The Wonder of You, what better way could there be to start a Saturday morning.

Did I mention that I love my hobby!  Being in control of my camera, knowing exactly how to get the best out of it and capturing a scene how I’d visualised it, all takes practice and I’m constantly practicing.

I cannot teach anybody anything.  I can only make them think… Socrates

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