studio portrait of a little boy on his first birthday, he is sat on the floor wearing a party hat with a birthday cake between his legs and a huge swirly number one on top.

Happy Birthday To You…

Turning one is a huge deal, if you don’t believe me ask Jessica & Adam (Ellis calls them Mama & Dada). They’ve owned this bundle of joy from birth and they remember when his age was counted in days, weeks, then months and from now on it will be in

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3 year old girl photographed in the studio holding a posie of flowers.

Poses & Posies…

a timeless portrait, thoughtful, memorable and emotive… £60 gift voucher with 3 months expiry, includes a studio session using a beautiful posie of hand tied flowers or we could get our creative heads together and come up with something special for you, a private screening of the images taken, a

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MPA award winning images Bride looking up to camera surrounded by her bridesmaids

I don’t enter awards

It’s been four long years since I have entered a photography competition.  TBH (to be honest, if you’re over 40), I’m rubbish!  I struggle with the selection of images, then I struggle with the IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH curse and finally I hate not coming away with a win…  This

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young couple holding each other by Roseberry Topping

Roseberry Topping Session…

Listening is the new way to be heard. Before I book a portrait location session I will speak to my clients and plant a few creative seeds, do you have a location that’s relevant to you, do you have a favourite place you like to go walking or do you

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studio portrait of 5 year old Henry

Pure Portraits Teesside

Pure Portraits are about capturing the heart and soul of your child, using no props or distractions. It’s about styling and lighting, but most importantly to me it’s about taking a timeless image of your little one that will give you years and years of pleasure… The session takes place

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portrait in my studio of a ten year old girl in colour

Pure Portraits Teesside

PURE – more than beautiful and nobody compares to them. Pure Portraits are exquisitely lit, striking, dramatic and timeless. The eyes become windows to the soul and the end results are evocative and highly personal. Combining the light quality of  Michiel Sweerts paintings and sometimes including meticulously lovingly placed personal family storytelling artifacts like Hans Holbein the Younger’s

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extended family group photograph taken in the snow

It’s definitely not easy to bring a family together, we all lead double busy lives.  Put a date in your diary for a family portrait in 2018, the results will be priceless…

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portrait of engaged couple with their dog Vincent taken on location at Stokesley

Vincent and his humans…

The first time I worked with Gary it was on a surprise location shoot at Crathorne Hall for my dad.  It took a while for me to settle because my mam brought my ball along and I love my ball.  Gary kept trying to get me to lay down, but

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young engaged couple holding hands and looking at each other. taken outdoors at Middleton Lodge.

The One With The Engagement Picture…

Photographer: “I’m sorry is the seat uncomfortable?” Chandler: “No I am.”I don’t work with models, I work with real people and some of them are not too keen on being in front of my camera.  In fact most people I photograph open the conversation with, I don’t like having my

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selection of professional headshots taken in the studio at Gary Walsh Photography

Professional Studio Headshots

If a great online presence is important to you, then I don’t need to tell you about the value of a professional headshot.  Your clients are looking for people they can work with, not logos and paragraphs of text.  When they see the people behind the business, trust is building

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All You Need Is Love…

This post is from the Butcher (a real live juggling mum) and not the Block (ME), Sarah has said some lovely things and in these days of transparency, I must add that no money changed hands, but we did exchange group hugs after their family session… Since photographing our wedding,

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Autumn Portraits in and around Teesside

Our research and development team (that’ll be me) have been working hard on new lighting and shooting techniques for my Teesside location portrait sessions.  This shot of Owen was taken this morning in a wooded area on the outskirts of Norton, Stockton on Tees.  I had my sandbags holding down

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