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Back by popular demand…

Sam and Tom’s Rockliffe Hall wedding

Q&A from the heart.

How long have you known each other? 6 years and 4 months.

How did you meet? My friend Nadia said her sister asked if we wanted a drive out to Whitby with a group of her friends (all lads). Nadia then started dating Tom’s best friend Glen from that night. Tom was always with Glen and I was always with Nadia so did a lot together.

Can you share your proposal story?  Tom came home and I was cooking tea and hoovering. He’d pretended to have been to golf but he’d been with my step dad to buy the ring. He asked me to stop hoovering and put it away. Me thinking ‘why I’ll just finish it off’.  He eventually got me to put it away by promising he’d do it the next day. I heard him call me but when I went to see what he wanted he denied shouting me (later said he was so nervous) a few seconds after he stood in front of me with the cutest face, got down on one knee, said my full name and will you marry me showing me my dream ring. He’d also planned for our parents to come over for champagne once I’d said yes (positive thinking).

Which venues did you view before you settled on Rockliffe Hall? Headlam hall.

What was the best moment of your day? Stood together in the church.

What would your dream wedding breakfast menu be? Starter/Main/Desert?  Paté, parmo & chocolate fudge cake. Sadly Rockliffe hall never had this option haha…

Would you change anything about your day if you could do it again? No marzipan with the white chocolate on the cake. White chocolate only.

Do you feel any different now you’re married? Feel excited to have babies lol.

How’s married life?  Amazing

Have you got a wedding top tip?  Stop and just take moments of the day in as its crazy how fast it goes.

Invite one more guest alive or dead, can be a celebrity or someone you know, who would it be and why? Our great friend Glen Cockin who is sadly no longer with us. He was not only a great friend of us both. He also was such a big part of the start of mine and Tom’s journey.

Is there one song that reminds you of your wedding day? Kenny Chesney – You had me from hello.

On your wedding day what time did you go to bed?  Truthfully, room at 4am, sleep at 5am

Which is your favourite Gary Walsh wedding photograph and why? There’s so many great ones to pick just one but the one of me and my mum before the church is very special to me due to her sadly passing away just over 2 months later.

groom wiping a tear from his face as the parents look on
bridesmaid holding her flowers in the air
bridesmaids have their make up applied
male wedding party walking and hugging
groom looking out of the window at Rockliffe Hall
bride and groom walking from church under and umbrella
bride and bridesmaids throwing their flowers in the air
bridal party walking and laughing outside Rockliffe Hall
bride and groom embrace outside Rockliffe Hall
bride laughing with friends during reception
bride and groom kissing stood by their wedding cake
shot of bride and groom laughing sat at the top table with mum

I’ve listed below the brilliant team that helped bring Sam and Tom’s Rockliffe Hall wedding together.

Cake – Burnett 4 Cakes 

Video – Bennett Media 

Makeup – HFS MUA

Hair – All Dolled Up

Band – Last Anthem 

Photobooth – Picture book party booth

Fire dancers – Jade Cotton

Church music – Holly Ritchie

Dance floor and up lighting- Magnum

Casino entertainment- L.M.S. events & entertainments 

Chalk signs – Kate Ogilvie

Stationary – Rosewood_co

Flowers – Valerie Rose

Cars – Campbell wedding cars

Magician – Luke Howells 

Brides dress – Elizabeth George 

Bridesmaid dress – Christine Alexander

Suits – Bakers 

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It’s the little things…

Childhood memories are the most important in life.

2 flowergirls walking into the ceremony room with the groom out of focus in the foreground.

As an adult try to remember your favourite childhood memory: scoring the winning goal for the school team, going to sleep at your Grandma’s, your first underage pint in a pub (please drink responsibly) or being asked to be a flower girl at a family wedding. Top Tip, a flower girl should be under 8 years of age, any older and I think they’d rather be referred to as a junior bridesmaid.

Childhood memories are the building blocks of our personality. We are shaped into who we are as an adult in our early years. Children absorb everything we throw at them and creating memories will be worth all the effort. When I smell fresh cut privet, it takes me straight back to walking to my Nana’s house on a Sunday morning, the smell of chlorine makes me remember school swimming trips (wet and hungry).

Try to imagine how these 2 flower girls walking into the ceremony room at Wynyard Hall are feeling, as the huge doors are opened and they walk into the room where the bride and groom are about to get married, on top of that they have got to remember to sprinkle rose petals down the aisle. A gargantuan moment in their little world, but the one thing I can guarantee you, they will remember this day for the rest of their lives. This moment will be added to previous and upcoming precious memories for these 2 little girls and I’ve captured the image that will provide a visual memory for them too. This reminds me of how huge my job is and this and many other images I have shot at this wedding at Wynyard Hall will increase in value as these girls get older.

“Sometimes I return back to the state of mind I had as a child when I believed nothing was impossible.” – Jonathan Harnisch, when we were invincible…

Le Petit Chateau Weddingthe forecast was storms with thunder and lightening at Le Petit Chateau

this blog post about a Le Petit Chateau wedding has the lot, from a beautiful bride Q&A to cute children giving their wedding angle…

overview of ceremony room at Le Petit Chateaubride and groom hand in hand laughing as they walk through the meadowIn my opinion a good friend is someone who when you’ve not seen them for a while, as soon as you meet up it’s like they’ve been there all along.  That’s what it’s like for me and Lynn when we meet up with Maisie’s (the bride to you) mam and dad.  That’s exactly what happened when Jimmy (brides dad, are you keeping up) phoned me to tell me his daughter was getting married at Le Petit Chateau and was I available to shoot the wedding.  I still get nervous when I photograph a wedding, even more so when it’s a friends daughter, of course I said I would love to be there on such a huge day.  Jimmy & Gill have always loved a good party and their daughters wedding was no exception (once Jim had cried himself dry).  It’s was absolute pleasure for me to be part of Maisie and Alan’s beautiful wedding day at Le Petit Chateau and before I headed off home I was given a bear hug and a kiss on the lips from Jimmy (if you know you know).a very emotional top table


How did you meet?

Conyers school, we sat together in the French class.

Can you share your proposal story?

Christmas day – Original I know! But Alan always knew I wanted something nice and simple, with my parents and the kids there to enjoy it. That’s exactly what he did – surrounded by cardboard and wrapping paper and battery packets covering the floor. My hair was still wet and dripping from my shower and no makeup on and I cried like an absolute mess. But 3 kids, a house and 7 years later, I really didn’t care!

Which venues did you view before you settled on Your venue?

Rockliffe – Camp Katur – Newton Hall.

What was the best moment of your day?

Without a doubt, walking down the aisle with Dad and seeing Alan waiting for us. The kids stood watching either side and Kameron totes emosh! By far the most emotional moment of my life, alongside the children’s birth.

What would your dream wedding breakfast menu be? Starter/Main/Desert?  Potato skins and garlic dip – Beef dinner with loads of veg/gravy/yorkies (exactly what we had) – Dessert would be white chocolate cheesecake and donuts (what he had)

Would you change anything about your day if you could do it again?

Not a single thing. Like I know most people will give that answer, but it was perfect from start to finish.

Do you feel any different now you’re married?

Trapped (I think she’s joking)

How’s married life?

Exactly the same, except now I can have all his money when I kill him off! (jokes)

Have you got a wedding top tip?

Pre organise who is watching the kids on the night of the wedding so that you can enjoy your first night as a married couple ALONE… we did and it was amazing! Also, If it’s going to rain, don’t sweat about it, have some photography ideas to make the most of it! We did and I got super excited about that and then it was glorious sunshine all day anyway. You cannot control the weather, so why let it stress you!

Invite one more guest alive or dead, can be a celebrity or someone you know, who would it be and why?

Lewis Capaldi – he would be an absolute belter of a laugh.

Is there one song that reminds you of your wedding day?

You and I -Tom Walker, Songbird – Oasis and also Shoot the Runner – Kasabian

On your wedding day what time did you go to bed?

We went to our room about 2am…. to sleep about 4.30… had to make the most of that huge bath!

Which is your favourite Gary Walsh wedding photograph and why?

Every single one, but the one of us with the sun behind us and also the children running is gorgeous and thank you so much for the top table one, capturing all of our emotions.

bride and groom by waters edge with viel blowing in breeze

brides flower placed on old wooden chairbrides dad seeing his daughter in her dress for the first timewhat follows next are some honest wedding questions answered by Maisie & Alan’s children, first up is Delilah, then Freddie and finally Kameron…

Bride helping her daughter get ready

First Name, Delilah Moon Aged 3

How old will you be when you get married? 4
Who will you marry? Freddie
What would you like to eat at your wedding? Chips and sausages
What colour shoes would you wear at your wedding? Pink flat ones with flowers on them.
What flavour wedding cake would you have? Strawberry ones
What favourite song would you play to dance to? Can’t help falling in love – Hayley Reinhart (we love this one!)
Would you have animals at your wedding? (if yes please tell?) noooooo …yeah Toby is coming to my wedding – our new puppy.
Where would you go on holiday after your wedding? Fun Shack – soft play
How much do you think your wedding would cost? One hundred pounds.
If you promise to be married forever, how long do you think forever is? 100 minutes.

groom helping his young son with his buttonhole

First Name, Freddie Aged 4

How old will you be when you get married? 28  (he knows our age ha ha)

Who will you marry? Delilah Moon

What would you like to eat at your wedding? Donuts

What colour shoes would you wear at your wedding? Blue

What flavour wedding cake would you have? Vanilla

What favourite song would you play to dance to? The wedding song (Tom Walker – You & I) our first dance

Would you have animals at your wedding? (if yes please tell?) no, but yes actually only dogs at my wedding

Where would you go on holiday after your wedding? Spain with Grandma

How much do you think your wedding would cost? £112

If you promise to be married forever, how long do you think forever is? One hundred and fifty- five million, twelve hours.

bestman and bride and grooms son making his speech with top table laughing

First Name, Kameron Aged 10

How old will you be when you get married? Hmm -32
Who will you marry? I don’t know yet – Freddie said you should marry your girlfriend or your friend!
What would you like to eat at your wedding? Spaghetti Bolognaise
What colour shoes would you wear at your wedding? Blue
What flavour wedding cake would you have? Chocolate
What favourite song would you play to dance to? Castle on the hill – Ed Sheeran (He just said that isn’t his favourite song, it’s just his favourite for his wedding. His favourite artists are things like Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and Eminem….. not sure how that reflects on me as a parent)
Would you have animals at your wedding? (if yes please tell?) yes – dogs
Where would you go on holiday after your wedding? Florida
How much do you think your wedding would cost? A lot – £100,000
If you promise to be married forever, how long do you think forever is? Till I die.

shot of Le Petit Chateau before the weddingbrides mum high fiving as she walks into ceremony bride and groom and children signing wedding register bride and flowergirl silhouetted in the doorway bride and bridesmaids laughing in the meadow brides dad with his pals laughing with the magician bride walking in the meadow with her children bride and groom cutting their wedding cake silhouette of guitarist singing at wedding brides family posing for the camera brides mum helping her daughter get ready bride and groom dancing to Hip Hop Hooray Hip Hop Hooray playing at a weddingbride and groom kissing at sunset at Le Petit ChateauWedding’s don’t just organise themselves (although some grooms think that’s the case), I’ve listed below some of the brilliant team who brought this Le Petit Chateau wedding together.

Videography – Top Table Films

Bridal Party Hair – Jayde Bassett

Bridal Make Up – Heather Searle

Men’s hair styling – Wicks Barbershop

Cake – Katie’s Custom Bakes

Flowers – The Garden Studio

Ceremony Music – John Gatenby

Evening Band – Hip Hop Hooray

Dress and Flower girls dress – Wed2b

Suits – Bakers Tailoring

Donut Wall – Big Jimmy Lewis

Magician – Paul Lytton 

If you want to check availability for your wedding day, please get in touch HERE

Headlam Hall Wedding

what a beautiful day with Grace and Will

Headlam Hall image in garden with 1st dance text

“Headlam Hall was the last place we visited and it had everything we wanted whilst being beautiful”

Headlam Hall bride and groom walking on the lawn with hall in the background

Grace and Will got married at Headlam Hall just outside of Darlington. They are definitely in my top ten of relaxed down to earth couples. I think their Headlam Hall wedding reflects this in their images.

Headlam Hall just married written on a post it and stuck to bride and grooms hands

I asked the happy couple some questions about them, their day and if they had any top tips for future Headlam Hall wedding couples, their fantastic answers will follow a glimpse of a small selection of their images.

Headlam Hall the groom holding up artwork made by his wife
Headlam Hall the three bestmen in black and white
Headlam Hall black and white shot of the bride and bridesmaids in robes laughing
Headlam Hall shot showing the back of the brides dress
Headlam Hall bride looking at herself in the mirror held by her bridesmaids
Headlam Hall bride and dad walking into ceremony
FYI this is one of Grace and Will’s fave images, it’s all about expressions and emotion…
Headlam Hall black and white wide angle ceremony shot
Headlam Hall confetti shot with bride and groom laughing
Headlam Hall bridal party in black and white
Headlam Hall dad taking a selfie with his daughter during the speeches
Headlam Hall shot of brides flowers with bride and groom in the background
Headlam Hall silhoette of bride and groom

How long have you known each other? 

We’ve been together for just over 3 years now. It’s absolutely flown by!!

How did you meet?

It’s as interesting as it sounds….we both work for a water company and met each other on a conference in Birmingham. On the social event in the evening, after a lot of wine from a tasting session, we met on what has got to be the smallest dance floor in the world. I bought Will some drinks and he thought he was on to a winner….little did he know they were actually free tokens I’d got earlier in the night.   

Can you share your proposal story? 

We had a holiday planned to San Francisco. Whilst out there Will popped the question, although the location of where to do it changed multiple times on the day, unbeknown to me.

Originally Will was going to propose near the tall trees but realised it was probably a bit dark and dim for a proposal, next to a beautiful park….except it was packed full of Chinese tourists who were stroking swans, then we went to the Golden Gate Bridge which was far too blustery. Finally, we went for a Starbucks with a small cute park next to it – perfectly isolated.

Will asked me there and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Which venues did you view before you settled on Your venue?

Lots of places. Jesmond Dene House and Healey Barn in Newcastle/Gateshead, Crook Hall in Durham, Walworth Castle, Durham Castle.

Headlam Hall was the last place we visited and it had everything we wanted whilst being beautiful.

What was the best moment of your day?

It sounds cheesy but all of it. We genuinely couldn’t pick a moment. The whole day was all a great moment rolled into one!

What would your dream wedding breakfast menu be? Starter/Main/Desert?  

We always said if we were to do the wedding over again, we’d go totally non-traditional and have loads of cool and quirky food vans that you have at food festivals. A duck pancake van and a prosecco bar would be cool.

Would you change anything about your day if you could do it again?

Nothing. Sun was shining, everyone was having fun, food was ace, drinks were flowing. There’s nothing we’d want to change.

Do you feel any different now you’re married? 

We both agree we don’t feel any different – in reality, nothing in our life has significantly changed. We’re still there for each other in exactly the same ways we were before.

Although getting my surname changed on accounts is proving a pain. Tip – definitely buy more than 1 wedding certificate if you’re changing your name as everywhere needs originals!!

How’s married life? 

It’s great!! We had an epic honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and then to Devon. We’re starting decorating on our home. It’s safe to say 2019 has been our best year yet!!

Have you got a wedding top tip? 

Take 5 minutes out. So many of our friends said that the day goes in a flash – which it does. Take 5 minutes out just the two of you at some point when things are quieter to reflect on everything. Everyone who is there that day is there for you. Enjoy it!

Invite one more guest alive or dead, can be a celebrity or someone you know, who would it be and why? 

Both of our grandparents. I never got to meet Will’s grandparents but I know that they live on through him.

Sadly my gran died shortly before the wedding. She was so looking forward to being there and I’m pleased we shared a lot of the wedding with her in the lead up to it. On the day, I wore her earrings which my grandpa gave her for Christmas in 1954.

Is there one song that reminds you of your wedding day? 

It’s got to be ‘This Will Be an Everlasting Love’ by Natalie Cole. That’s our first dance song. We both agreed we didn’t want a slow first dance, it’s just not us. We said from the start we want all of our guests to have fun, and most of them joined in the first dance with this upbeat song which we loved.

On your wedding day what time did you go to bed? 

Probably around 1 – shame the bar closed at 12 otherwise I imagine it would have been a lot later!!

Which is your favourite Gary Walsh wedding photograph and why?

There are so many it’s hard to choose. We both really lovely the shot of me and my dad walking down the aisle with Will waiting at the bottom. The expressions on ours and our guests faces is beautiful as we see each other for the first time and captures all of the emotion of the day!

The fun pictures we love – the confetti shots, people laughing, the emotion on everyone’s faces.

I hope you enjoyed reading this very happy couples honest and entertaining answers to my questions about their Headlam Hall wedding

Weddings don’t just organise themselves, I’ve listed below some of the brilliant team that brought this wedding together.

Dress – Ronald Joyce from First Glance Bridal Sunderland

Hair and make up – Marissa Bennett MUA

Suits – Gere Menswear, Lincoln

Cake – Burnett 4 Cakes

Flowers – Anna Hunton Flowers

Band – 422 Ceilidh Band

Venue – Headlam Hall Hotel and Spa

Music – Amici Musicali 

If you want to check my availability for your wedding day, please get in touch

Festival Wedding

Nothing else matters when you’re at a music festival and it feels the same when you’re sunshine happy at a festival wedding, but don’t just take my word for it…

fetival wedding mr and mrs potato head
festival wedding big day text writter on calender
festival wedding ukulele players
festival wedding bride and dad arriving
festival wedding bride celebrating

Jo and Stephen held their festival wedding in the grounds of Nunnington cricket field, The Grand Old Uke of York strutted their stuff as they played in the sushine, covering a range of tunes from Sex on Fire to Common People.

festival wedding overview of the ceremony
festival wedding confetti and champagne shot

Jo & Stephen kindly sent me this paragraph to sum up their festival wedding celebrations.

Our wedding was the most incredible week of our lives, filled with friends and family from all over the world gathered to celebrate our love for one another in basking glorious unpredicted sunshine. We wouldn’t change a thing, not one thing, the time spent together planning meant every last minute was filled with a little bit of us and we believe that it shone through. We are left with happiness, love and excitement to start our married lives together and a huge sense of pride at what we achieved! 

festival wedding dancing flowergirl
festival wedding Bride and Groom moment
festival wedding brides cousin showing off her acrobatic skills

We were treat to a fantastic acrobatic display by the brides cousin, this was all preplanned and not a random family member after one too many (don’t try this at home)…

festival wedding bride and groom hugging inside a wooden heart

“Festivals are happy places and you don’t really want to enjoy them on your own.” – Christine and the Queens…

festival wedding silhouette of the bride and groom


Getting Weddy…

Is there a better feeling than finding the exact thing you’re looking for, even though consciously, you don’t know what that is?  I’m not talking about a future V&A exhibition of cultural iconic inspirational style (although my tartan bondage trousers from back in the day underpinned my fashionista status).  I’m talking about walking into a high street shop and hanging from the racks, like the grapes growing for a cabernet sauvignon, is the best outfit you’ve seen all day, all week or even all year. Then to try it on and for it not to feel like it’s as tight as a sausage skin or as loose as a dewlap. If it fits and it fits well then there is no better feeling as you walk tall to the till. (yes you will have a bag and if you’re paying top dollar, you want it wrapping in tissue, tied with a ribbon and a bow like they do on Pretty Woman, when they realise she’s a sex worker with a rich punter).  A new item of clothing makes me feel good, it gives me confidence and the whole experience makes me happy.

Getting wedding ready or as I like to say getting weddy (literally just made that up), whether it’s formal, semiformal, cocktail or casual, there is no better feeling than pulling tags off clothes, stickers off shoes and that little stitch that you can’t snap with your bare hands for fear of damaging your new socks.  This feeling isn’t gender specific it can happen to any of us and I’m thankful for it.  The downside (there has to be), is when you wear this outfit again for another wedding where none of the guests from the previous wedding will be in attendance, you will NOT feel that same spark you felt the first time.  So enjoy, savour and bask in that feeling, until the next time and there will be a next time. In the words of Calvin H, I put on my shoes and I’m ready for the weekend, I put on my shoes and I’m ready for the weekend, I put on my shoes and I’m ready for the weekend, I put on my shoes and I’m ready for the weekend, weekend, weekend, weekend…

father and son getting ready for the wedding, grandad in the background checking his tie.

it’s only weather…

Bride looking over her shoulder and Groom looking at the camera, backdrop is a snow scene drive at Woodhill Hall, the drive is tree lined and the couple are hugging
Danny & Charlotte on the driveway at Woodhill Hall…
Bride and Groom at Woodhill Hall, silhouette against a Winter blue sky, bride is holding onto the groom and they are looking at each other
Danny & Charlotte looking at each other, looking out from Woodhill Hall…

It only rains twice a year in the North East of England, April to July and September to November, this is of course a joke, but we do spend way to much time worrying about the weather and even more so when we have an important event on the horizon. We have apps, websites, news bulletins throughout the day and we can even pop our heads out of the door.

The speed at which weather fronts move can vary and the fronts can also change direction and weaken, so the further ahead the forecast is predicting, the less reliable it is likely to be. The Michael Fish Effect, is a term used by British weathermen, which is to predict the worst case scenario to avoid embarrassment (google him for the full Fish tale).

I recently photographed a beautiful wedding at Woodhill Hall in Otterburn Northumberland. The temperature varied from 3 to -3 degrees outside, but the wedding was heart warming all day. Danny and Charlotte loved the fact that their wedding day was cold, crisp and bright and all their guests made it from Teesside to Northumberland.

The groom (Danny) was important, but the bride (Charlotte) was my priority when it came to shooting outdoors. A man in a 3 piece suit isn’t going to feel the cold as much as a lady in a stunning wedding gown. Thankfully Charlotte was brilliant and there was no way I was leaving Woodhill Hall without a selection of outdoor location images (It would have been like visiting Middlesbrough and not trying a parmo).

The moral of my ramblings is that a wedding day is a story and every story is unique, the weather will add to your day and determine how your story is told, but there will still be a start, a middle and an end.

Eat, drink and be merry…

I don’t enter awardsvery often...

MPA award winning images Bride looking up to camera surrounded by her bridesmaidsMPA award winner young boy with his ponyMPA award winner Little girl in bluebellsMPA award winner studio portrait of a young boy in bracesMPA award winner studio shot of a baby laughing in black and whiteIt’s been four long years since I have entered a photography competition.  TBH (to be honest, if you’re over 40), I’m rubbish!  I struggle with the selection of images, then I struggle with the IT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH curse and finally I hate not coming away with a win…  This year I decided I’d be more proactive on the competition front and for starters I’d enter the MPA North East Region awards (The Master Photographers Association (MPA) is THE qualifying body for professional photographers).  For the North East regions awards I decided that I’d use social media to help me with my selection (that means you, if you like or view my stuff).  So I went through my recent posts on all platforms (including views on Instagram stories) and gathered a mix of portrait and wedding images that had the most likes and views.  With my collection complete I sent them via the internet to North East MPA headquarters and waited for judgement night.

I’m aware as a professional photographer that judges of these competitions are looking for more than emotive images that parents love, the judges are looking at great lighting, hand positions, composition and overall image quality.  The outcome of this little social experiment is that a great image is a great image.  The judge awarded me a number of awards of excellence and the overall winner of DOCUMENTARY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR for the North East Region 2018.  So I’d like to buy you all a drink (obv a joke that I threw in to make sure you’re still reading) and I thank you for your continued support of OUR (mine & Lynn’s) little photography business on Norton High Street.  If you’ve not been in for a while, maybe it’s time you had some new family or children’s portraits taken.

Yorkshire Wedding Barnworking at a new venue is exciting

yorkshire wedding barn silhouette of bride and groom outside barn colour image of the bride and groom embracing in a field at the yorkshire wedding barnI arrived early at The Yorkshire Wedding Barn wedding of Toby & Kirsty, I’d never photographed there before so I needed plenty of time to take in all the beautiful backdrops for photography.  The Yorkshire Wedding Barn is based just outside Richmond North Yorkshire in the village of Gilling West.  I love photographing weddings at new venues. there is something exciting about new surroundings.  Toby & Kirsty knew instantly that this was the venue for them and I can see why.

The room the girls got ready in was like a New York loft apartment with plenty of velux windows to allow the daylight to stream in and with a private rooftop terrace.  Ideal for candid photography of the girls applying their finishing touches, indoors & out on the terrace.

The groom and his boys where in a cottage far enough away so not to see his bride pre ceremony, but close enough for me to cover his final preparations and get back to the bride before she set off for their outdoor ceremony.

The 2 barns are a brilliant way to have your drinks and hugs over at one barn and then when you’re ready to eat the wedding breakfast is served over at the other.  A very relaxed, but organised flowing day.

From my point of view The Yorkshire Wedding Barn is a lovely mix of stylish contemporary and rustic charm.  I can’t wait to go back and shoot another wedding there (this coming Friday as it happens)…

If you’d like me to photograph your wedding at The Yorkshire Wedding Barn, please get in touch.

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