Documentary Family Photography

stories are where memories come alive…

A moment is all I need, to capture a story you’ll be telling for an eternity. I love the adrenaline each and every shoot brings; not knowing where it will take me. It’s getting to know my subject and learning how best to portray their character. It’s being inspired by people’s stories and wanting to make them come alive in an image. It’s embracing the unexpected – someone gets hiccups, has a grazed knee, won’t smile until they’ve been given an ice-cream; but it’s within these kinds of imperfections that perfection lies. It’s that one moment that can define a personality in a click of a button. That’s what makes it such a unique journey, so worth living and that’s what creates your individual life story…

Your ‘ordinary’ is exactly what makes you so extraordinarily YOU. The simple, candid moments are the most touching to revisit and tell so much more than a selfie ever could. They are the skilfully presented stories that will pass down through the generations. 

I like to think my passion, versatility and experience shines through my work and allows me to add to your most cherished memories. 

The simplest moments are the most honest, raw and meaningful ones, which is why my pictures inspire conversations – make them the future conversations of your family and friends.

If you’d like to know more about this new way of working or you’d like to book a session, please get in touch. Many thanks, Gary…

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