Electric (Harp) Ladyland…

Harpist Anita Aslin with electric harp

Anita Aslin Harpist Photographed with her electric harp Harpist Anita Aslin with electric harpI love a challenge… Anita Aslin teaches, performs and plays with orchestras and can be regularly seen tootling around the area in her van heading to a wedding venue with her harp (or Chordophone, thanks Google) on-board.  I have photographed Anita with her classical hat on, but now in addition to the traditional she’s gone electric too. Bob Dylan did this in 1965 and got away with it and like Dylan Anita will be doing both acoustic and electric…  We decided that the new images needed a more relaxed contemporary look about them.  So I stuck a long lens on and played with a couple of new techniques.  I hope you like them, Gary

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