Even the cake is in tiers…wedding photography at Newton Hall

bride and groom captured during the speeche both have tears in their eyes.When I have my pre wedding chat with every couple I photograph, we cover timing’s on the day, first names of the immediate party, any specific must have images to be taken, which other top class wedding suppliers have been booked to help the day run smoothly and any surprises factored into the day.  I’ll then process all this wedding day information and make handwritten notes, which gives me a blueprint of the days festivities.  Each wedding is photographed using this foundation information as a guide, the structure that surrounds the day will come together as each unique day unfolds.  With all my wedding photography experience, I find every wedding has its own groove and I’ve learnt over the years which dancing shoes to pop on.  My favourite images are the ones that could never be planned, these images are about staying on your toes and keeping your eyes open.  As much as I love dramatic stylised images, I still don’t think you can beat a very real moment captured well and this is the reason I still love wedding photography.  If anyone seen me taking this image, I had something in my eye…

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