Father of the bride…

I didn’t want to get to the eve of my daughter’s wedding and be staring at a blank screen, filled with emotion, with a heart overflowing with love and pride and then to find I was suffering with father of the bride writer’s block.  So clutching heaven and hell (my mobile phone), I started making notes.  Armed with the book I’d bought on writing I followed their first masterclass tip, just let the words flow!  Don’t worry about punctuation and spelling (why start now), childhood memories, music we’ve shared, quotes, poems, poached ideas from weddings I’ve photographed and tick box mentions that tradition dictates.  I don’t want to be too soppy, but I want people to know what Emily means to me.  I don’t want to be too witty, I know my almost professional stand-up comedian tomfoolery (disclaimer, I think I’m funny) would split a few sides and get me laser burning stares from my beautiful wife. So the notes began and words started to flow, lines, paragraphs, lyrics and quotes. 

Fast forward to the 18th March 2020 and Emily’s military precision organised hen weekend, filled with all the things that she loves, has been cancelled and now with less than 8 weeks to go we’re not even sure my speech will be needed. 

I’ve seen the wedding war room in action (and made a dad sized contribution), the planning, laughter and tears.  Brave faces have been put on because as a family we know that something bigger than Emily and Jamie’s wedding is happening (only a global pandemic could have come close). 

Walking my daughter into her wedding ceremony watched by our close friends and family is something I will do and I will savour every moment, but for now our plans are on hold.  We’ll do everything we can to remain virus free and with fingers washed and crossed, the 4th biggest day in my life (FYI my wedding and 2 daughters) will happen and this huge blip will be something they can tell their children about.

For me as a photographer of mainly people I’ll be carrying on with caution…  On a more serious note, I am monitoring the developing situation, following government guidelines, procedures and the highest levels of hygiene are being maintained here at Gary Walsh Photography.

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