Grantley Hall Ripon wedding venue

my first time photographing a wedding here…

Luxury Is In Each Detail…

Hubert de Givenchy

Grantley Hall was given a new lease of life in 2015 when it was bought by the Sykes family and in 2019 Grantley Hall was reborn, blending taditional elegance with outstanding state of the art facilities. When I arrived and parked my car, the car park was playing piano recitals. Such is the luxurious attention to detail at Grantley Hall, it wouldn’t of surprised me if there was a pianist playing by my car. That’s probably a step too far, so speakers dotted around the car park are the next best thing.

My nose helps form my first impressions (that’s why I was blessed with a big one), the reception area smelled so good. Signature scents are pumped throughout the whole building, which definetly enhanced my experience. I want a big bottle of Grantley Hall scent and a showergel and a deodorant. In fact if I just hang around long enough the lovley smells will attach themselves to my clothes.

So the reason I’m here is to photograph a beautiful wedding celebration for Gabrielle and James. Before they arrived I familiarised my self with Grantley Hall with a quick walk round (see video above). Obviously I was impressed with the surroundings, but I was also impressed by how polite all the staff were and nothing was too much trouble.

It didn’t take me long to navigate my way around the grounds. I even managed to find the after party location, Valeria’s Champagne and Cocktail Bar. This is where I met up with The Beat Boutique’s Callum and sax player Wayne. Guaranteed to bring the tunes and the atmosphere to your party.

As a Norton lad I was pleased to see the Norton Bar, which I will have a proper look at when I’m not working. So to sum up, Grantley Hall is a 5 star Country House Hotel which offers an unrivalled setting to help create beautiful memories of your special day. The best thing I took away from Gabrielle and James’s Grantley Hall wedding celebration was when they told me it was so comfortable having me aound, that’s music to a wedding photographers ears.

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