Happy Birthday To You…

stylish black and white image of a brother an sister

With a big birthday looming and a catalogue of bad birthday presents the pressure was on Robert (name has been changed to protect his identity) to excel. Guess what, he only knocked it out of the park…

Every morning when Robert’s wife comes down the stairs she looks at a framed portrait of her two most precious humans. This frame has had pride of place for over 12 years and is now more valuable as the children are now 18 and 15 years old. This framed photograph was taken by me on a cobbled street in Norton, I know what you’re thinking, I can’t be old enough! Sadly I am, but thankfully I’m still going strong and our studio on Norton High Street has been established 20 years this year.

Anyway back to the present buying victory. So Steve, I mean Robert, peddled from Ingleby Barwick to Norton (this was a man on a mission). His idea was to book a session, select an image and then have it framed in time for his wife’s birthday. With experience, I took a sharp intake of breath and decided to advise Steve (I’ve given up on the alias, I think his achievement should be celebrated), my advice was to book the shoot and then work out a plan to get his wife to Norton, call in to see me to say hello and then I would ask them through to my viewing room to get their opinion on a new wall product. At this point I would kill the lights and start the slideshow of images that I’d taken the week before.

Thanks to my Oscar winning performance (TBH more of a Golden Raspberry Award), we pulled it off. The family of 4 turned up, we bumbled our way into the viewing room, I could hear sniffles over the top of the slideshow viewing music and when the lights came up a very happy teary red eyed mum said she was delighted. Dad jumped up and asked if he’d done good, followed by a very positive hug.

When I sit in with a portrait viewing I’m always moved at what parents see in the images I’ve taken. It would be very easy to get too wrapped up with the technical side of photography, but these moments remind me of why I still very much love my job.

Thank you to 2 teenagers who made my job very easy. When they were brought as little children they had no choice, now they are big children they could have refused.

stylish black and white image of a brother an sister

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