Happy Birthday To You…

studio portrait of a little boy on his first birthday, he is sat on the floor wearing a party hat with a birthday cake between his legs and a huge swirly number one on top.
Happy Birthday Ellis… copyright Gary Walsh Photography

Turning one is a huge deal, if you don’t believe me ask Jessica & Adam (Ellis calls them Mama & Dada). They’ve owned this bundle of joy from birth and they remember when his age was counted in days, weeks, then months and from now on it will be in years. In one year their helpless newborn has transformed into an independent little man.

If you’ve only got one child you’ll know that by one year old your little human should be, using a spoon, communicating using some words, sit without being held up and counting to five in French (just checking you’re still with me). If you’ve got more than one child under the age of three then I’m guessing you’re muddling through without checking google for development advice and possibly drinking wine before bed. Afternoon naps will soon be a thing of the past (for your baby).

Did you know until recently TV shows were not allowed to sing happy birthday, without paying a hefty fee to the copyright owners. Warner/Chappell music were reported to receive two million a year in licensing fees. Every day is a school day.

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