Headlam Hall Wedding

Headlam Hall image in garden with 1st dance text

what a beautiful day at Headlam Hall with Grace and Will

Headlam Hall image in garden with 1st dance text

“Headlam Hall was the last place we visited and it had everything we wanted whilst being beautiful”

Headlam Hall bride and groom walking on the lawn with hall in the background

Grace and Will got married at Headlam Hall just outside of Darlington. They are definitely in my top ten of relaxed down to earth couples. I think their Headlam Hall wedding reflects this in their images.

Headlam Hall just married written on a post it and stuck to bride and grooms hands

I asked the happy couple some questions about them, their day and if they had any top tips for future Headlam Hall wedding couples, their fantastic answers will follow a glimpse of a small selection of their images.

Headlam Hall the groom holding up artwork made by his wife
Headlam Hall the three bestmen in black and white
Headlam Hall black and white shot of the bride and bridesmaids in robes laughing
Headlam Hall shot showing the back of the brides dress
Headlam Hall bride looking at herself in the mirror held by her bridesmaids
Headlam Hall bride and dad walking into ceremony
FYI this is one of Grace and Will’s fave images, it’s all about expressions and emotion…
Headlam Hall black and white wide angle ceremony shot
Headlam Hall confetti shot with bride and groom laughing
Headlam Hall bridal party in black and white
Headlam Hall dad taking a selfie with his daughter during the speeches
Headlam Hall shot of brides flowers with bride and groom in the background
Headlam Hall silhoette of bride and groom

How long have you known each other? 

We’ve been together for just over 3 years now. It’s absolutely flown by!!

How did you meet?

It’s as interesting as it sounds….we both work for a water company and met each other on a conference in Birmingham. On the social event in the evening, after a lot of wine from a tasting session, we met on what has got to be the smallest dance floor in the world. I bought Will some drinks and he thought he was on to a winner….little did he know they were actually free tokens I’d got earlier in the night.   

Can you share your proposal story? 

We had a holiday planned to San Francisco. Whilst out there Will popped the question, although the location of where to do it changed multiple times on the day, unbeknown to me.

Originally Will was going to propose near the tall trees but realised it was probably a bit dark and dim for a proposal, next to a beautiful park….except it was packed full of Chinese tourists who were stroking swans, then we went to the Golden Gate Bridge which was far too blustery. Finally, we went for a Starbucks with a small cute park next to it – perfectly isolated.

Will asked me there and it couldn’t have been more perfect.

Which venues did you view before you settled on Your venue?

Lots of places. Jesmond Dene House and Healey Barn in Newcastle/Gateshead, Crook Hall in Durham, Walworth Castle, Durham Castle.

Headlam Hall was the last place we visited and it had everything we wanted whilst being beautiful.

What was the best moment of your day?

It sounds cheesy but all of it. We genuinely couldn’t pick a moment. The whole day was all a great moment rolled into one!

What would your dream wedding breakfast menu be? Starter/Main/Desert?  

We always said if we were to do the wedding over again, we’d go totally non-traditional and have loads of cool and quirky food vans that you have at food festivals. A duck pancake van and a prosecco bar would be cool.

Would you change anything about your day if you could do it again?

Nothing. Sun was shining, everyone was having fun, food was ace, drinks were flowing. There’s nothing we’d want to change.

Do you feel any different now you’re married? 

We both agree we don’t feel any different – in reality, nothing in our life has significantly changed. We’re still there for each other in exactly the same ways we were before.

Although getting my surname changed on accounts is proving a pain. Tip – definitely buy more than 1 wedding certificate if you’re changing your name as everywhere needs originals!!

How’s married life? 

It’s great!! We had an epic honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast in Italy and then to Devon. We’re starting decorating on our home. It’s safe to say 2019 has been our best year yet!!

Have you got a wedding top tip? 

Take 5 minutes out. So many of our friends said that the day goes in a flash – which it does. Take 5 minutes out just the two of you at some point when things are quieter to reflect on everything. Everyone who is there that day is there for you. Enjoy it!

Invite one more guest alive or dead, can be a celebrity or someone you know, who would it be and why? 

Both of our grandparents. I never got to meet Will’s grandparents but I know that they live on through him.

Sadly my gran died shortly before the wedding. She was so looking forward to being there and I’m pleased we shared a lot of the wedding with her in the lead up to it. On the day, I wore her earrings which my grandpa gave her for Christmas in 1954.

Is there one song that reminds you of your wedding day? 

It’s got to be ‘This Will Be an Everlasting Love’ by Natalie Cole. That’s our first dance song. We both agreed we didn’t want a slow first dance, it’s just not us. We said from the start we want all of our guests to have fun, and most of them joined in the first dance with this upbeat song which we loved.

On your wedding day what time did you go to bed? 

Probably around 1 – shame the bar closed at 12 otherwise I imagine it would have been a lot later!!

Which is your favourite Gary Walsh wedding photograph and why?

There are so many it’s hard to choose. We both really lovely the shot of me and my dad walking down the aisle with Will waiting at the bottom. The expressions on ours and our guests faces is beautiful as we see each other for the first time and captures all of the emotion of the day!

The fun pictures we love – the confetti shots, people laughing, the emotion on everyone’s faces.

I hope you enjoyed reading this very happy couples honest and entertaining answers to my questions about their Headlam Hall wedding

Weddings don’t just organise themselves, I’ve listed below some of the brilliant team that brought this wedding together.

Dress – Ronald Joyce from First Glance Bridal Sunderland

Hair and make up – Marissa Bennett MUA

Suits – Gere Menswear, Lincoln

Cake – Burnett 4 Cakes

Flowers – Anna Hunton Flowers

Band – 422 Ceilidh Band

Venue – Headlam Hall Hotel and Spa

Music – Amici Musicali 

If you want to check my availability for your wedding day, please get in touch

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