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Professional Headshots North East

How important is your image?

Premier Headshot Photography…

If a great online presence is important to you, then I don’t need to tell you about the value of a professional headshot. Your clients are looking for people they can work with, not logos and paragraphs of text. When they see the people behind the business, trust is building before you’ve even met. A fantastic headshot can very quickly tell your clients that you are friendly, approachable and professional. It doesn’t have to look like a passport picture and it can be taken in an office/studio or location environment.

Prior to having your photograph taken I like to find out a bit more about you and your brand, this helps with clothing and location selection. I think it’s important that your brand message and your headshots are telling the same story.

My role as the photographer is to quickly get people to relax in front of my camera, coach my subject on how to minimise their perceived imperfections and finally to shape their face using the best light for their individual shape and weight.

All selected images are polished to perfection (not in a false plastic skin kind of way).

prices for headshots are from £90 for an individual session and £65 per person for group sessions. Price includes a gallery of proofs and a single high res retouched digital file.

Please contact the studio for more information…

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