Horses Scare Me…

black and white headshot of a horse in a field


Horses and owner in a field, taken with a long lens
every time I photograph horses I get a little bit closer to understanding the bond between horse and owner.

My morning walk to senior school involved a field, a tied up horse or not on some occasions (the not tied up horse is where my horse phobia began). As I approached the field I would see kids preparing themselves for the equine run, even though I ran for the school (and once for the county) I knew the outcome of feral horse pitched against a teenager in Dr Martens and the odds for me were never good. I’m sure some of the other kids would tic tac as I approached.

black and white headshot of a horses in a field
a portrait of a very lovely calm Paddy…

The more I photograph horses the more I calm down in their company. I no longer put on the longest lens I own and stand behind a five bar gate. I’m still very wary, but when I see the way the owners bond with their horses it does put me at ease. More importantly I love the results and I love it when the owner comes to pick up their frame, which will get pride of place on the walls of their home (sometimes replacing portraits of their children).

owners love their horses

If you’d like me to photograph your horse please contact me at the studio and we can make a creative shoot plan… studio@garywalsh.co.uk

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