How I Shot At Bolton Castle

Bride and Groom holding onto each other in an arch down the castle corridor.

Carla & Luke photographed at Bolton Castle 20.11.21

Carla & Luke are a lovely couple and their dream wedding took place at Bolton Castle Nr Leyburn North Yorkshire. The castle is one of the country’s best preserved medievil castles; origally built as one of the finest and most luxurious homes in the land. Bolton Castle bears the scars of over 600 years of fascinating history. They can now add Carla & Luke’s wedding to that list.

This blog post is something new and I’m going try my best to keep them up throughout 2022. As a professional wedding photographer I’m always on the lookout for interesting compositions during the course of a wedding day. So I’m going to allow you a little look inside my head (you will need to look beyond the candyfloss and fresh air).

Bride and Groom holding onto each other in an arch down the castle corridor.
Bolton Castle

I had never phographed a wedding at Bolton Castle before, so I arrived really early to give me enough time for a good mooch around the place where Mary, Queen of Scots was held captive in 1568 (Wikipedia fact). I’ve got to admit I was a little overwhelmed by the number of possible photo opportunities. When I’m faced with loads of options I have to consider time of year, will it be too cold at the end of November to be outside for too long. Time of day, how much daylight will I have and when do I get my portable flash kit out. My number one consideration is the couple I’m shooting for and what they want from me. Capturing them and the feel of a real castle wedding was high on their list of priorities.

The corridor I photographed them in linked the ceremony room to the wedding breakfast room. During the ceremony I stood by this corridor so I could discreetly capture the whole of the marriage. As I looked towards the dining room I could see the potential of a picture, but it was fairly dark down that end. I parked the idea in my creative brain. Fast forward to the end of the ceremony and the couple were taken into the wedding breakfast room to be wowed at the set up by the lovely people who’d styled the room. I quickly grabbed a flash, a stand and a radio trigger to fire the flash. I did a quick light test to make sure I had enough light to create a partial silhouette, by pointing the flash at the wall, as Carla and Luke headed back to be with their guests I asked them to hold each other under the arch. 4 pics and 2 poses later and I have my shots…

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