James Arthur

James Arthur Pre Fame Seaton Carew

So my good friend and talented musician John McGough and I would have regular catch up chats at Crathorne Hall’s wedding open evenings.  Every month John would tell me what he was up to with his music.  Early in 2011 he brought some demos along of a young lad he was working with.  John would tell me tales of how this lad could fall out of bed, step up to the microphone and still sound breathtaking. They’d recorded a handful of songs and via You Tube John was getting lots of positive feedback. John asked if I would take some images of his vocalist and we discussed some ideas. I’d photographed a wedding in Seaton Carew and spotted what I thought was a great location for a portrait. I loved the irony of this closed down arcade with its Las Vegas signage compared to the real sin city which is famed for its vibrant nightlife.  10th June 2011 at around 6pm I met with John and James Arthur in Seaton Carew to take some images.  We started with some simple daylight reflector shots and then moved on to some portable studio lit shots.  The whole shoot lasted a couple of hours, during which I tried to convince James that Arthur James had more of an edge (I’m no Simon Cowell).  I didn’t want payment for the shoot as I was happy to help out, although John did hand me a bottle of Cava (he’s a classy fella).  The rest of James’s life has been well documented, I’m delighted that he has managed to find his mojo again and seems now to be doing things on his terms.  We did joke that one day James would be in a position to fly me and John to Vegas (the American one) and we’d do another shoot together. I’m on standby… x


James Arthur Pre Fame Seaton Carew James Arthur pre fame Seaton Carew Las Vegas


  1. Thank you for sharing this picture of our beautiful James. He’s wowing the world right now and we couldn’t be happier. Such a talent as I’m sure you are aware.

    Do hope you all make it to Vegas ?

  2. Fabulous photos and the history thanks for sharing the photos please feel free to show more
    John was a star God bless him do so kind will miss chatting x x
    Thank you again
    Tracy Morgan in Spain xx xx

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