Look At The Stars…

bride and groom holding each other in the doorway of their bridal suite in Whitby

bride and groom holding each other in the doorway of their bridal suite in WhitbyMichael & Julie asked me to shoot their wedding using a storytelling style of photography, covering all the key moments, a small selection of family groupings and then they gave me carte blanche (I was allowed to play) to capture a handful of showstoppers of the two of them.

It was my first visit to The Stables at Cross Butts Whitby, so I made sure I arrived early to have a mooch about and identify potential key bride and groom image locations, but first coffee (I was offered, so I accepted). Courteous treatment will make a customer a walking advertisement and it was great coffee!  I was walked through how the day would unfold from arrivals, to ceremony room, to drinks reception, to wedding breakfast and finally the drinking and dancing hotspot. so now armed with timings and locations, I was free to do a few test shots around the building.

Along with my ever growing travelling wedding photography kit, I’d packed my CROMATEK 4 point starburst filter (proper old school).  Sometimes I’ll pack a random piece of kit and it won’t make it out of the car, but not this time!  While the happy couple where tucking into their wedding breakfast, I was out and about in the icy rain setting my shot up.  Thankfully the courtyard rooms at Cross Butts are protected from the rain. The final image (see above) was all done in camera using a starburst filter, a mirror and a light with a blue coloured gel taped over the front of it (no fancy computer stuff).  Once I’d done all my faffing and the bride and groom had finished eating, as a team we got the shot from out of my head into the world.  I love it when a wedding photography plan comes together.

Thanks to Jonny for being my extra pair of hands and thanks to the wedding team at The Stables at Cross Butts Whitby for being very helpful and accomodating…

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