Wedding Photography at Brinkburn Priory Northumberland.


We booked our wedding near enough a year to the date- having a whole 12 months to plan and prepare. We were about to find out that Love Conquers All…

Where do we start?

We organised many of our suppliers as soon as we had a wedding date and got on with the planning as quick as we could. From the suits and dresses to photographer, cake and band… everything was all set!

Jokes aside, our worst fears were … “did we give the right date on the invitations or what if people don’t want to come?!” Never in a million years did we imagine what we are going through right now and the devastation it is causing! Those fears now feel so insipid compared to what we were about to endure the few weeks running up to the wedding…..

Week by week, the news was bringing more and more bad news about the virus spreading across the world, however we were still living in a bubble of hope or maybe it was denial that it wasn’t going to affect us. How could it? Our dream wedding was all we planned and organised for the last 12 months and no body was going to take it away surely?!

The week up to the wedding was one of the most stressful weeks of both our lives. We dreaded 5pm, which every day gave us a new dose of government enforcements … each day our dream wedding was slowly but surely coming away at the seams.

Understandably, after numerous guests had their own personal circumstances on not being able to come, and after what felt like we had been on marathon each day, the call was made to scale back the wedding to immediate family and bridal/grooms party. All the finer details planned for each and every guest which was no longer required was utterly tragic however, we knew to protect our family and close friends, it was the right thing to do. We had a duty of care.

Despite all the upset, the wedding day was still the best day of our lives and truly magical. The intimacy and love that we all showed for each other was like nothing we’d ever felt before. Each and every guest (and even those who weren’t attending) wanted the best for us, really rooting for the day.

Despite all the heartache, upset and true devastation this virus has caused not only us, but the whole world, one thing that was for certain is that nothing can overcome love. Love really conquers anything and the whether there was 2 or 100 guests witnessing the marriage, it was about us two, and only us two. We got to marry each other who, after 15 years of being together, married our soul mates. We are looking forward to everyone joining the celebrations later in the year – when lockdown let’s us loose again!

The Suppliers who helped bring our special day together:

Obv you – photographer 

Invitations – Rosewood Co

Cake – mastercakesmith

Dress – Mia Sposa bridal 

Flowers – A Secret Garden

Groomsman Suits – M&S 

Groom suit – Reiss

M&C lights – Coco Lumiere

Favours for the wedding lunch – Northumberland Honey Company 

Further wedding stationary – lovedbylucy 

Make up – makeup by Sandra h

Hair – my own hair dresser – she doesn’t have a business Instagram account 

Food – catering by Neil Wilkins

Venue – Brinkburn Northumberland

Love Conquers All…

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