A new wedding blog chapter begins…

I’m first and foremost a photographer, but like most self employed ladies and gents I have to spin many plates to keep the wheels turning.  Which is why I will be working a little harder(if that’s even possible) to woo you with a selection of tasty wedding images and some blurb about each featured wedding.  I’ve googled the rules and apparently I have to drop some relevant place names in a few times for this blog to give me some google brownie points, so please bear with me as I get to grips with this.

The initial wedding I have chosen to feature was taken at Middleton Lodge.  I am a recommended supplier at Middleton lodge and I photograph a fair few weddings there.  Middleton Lodge is situated in Middleton Tyas, Richmond(do you get the picture, I promise to be subtle when I blog for real).

Adam and Jess’s wedding or Mr and Mrs Jackson as they are now known was on 19th September 2015 and at Middleton Lodge.  It was a fantastic celebration from start to finish, you should see that in my images after all I’m working hard to tell each couples unique wedding day story.  Enjoy the images and I’ll be back soon with a more structured wedding blog.

Thank You Adam and Jess for having me at your wedding… If you’re in need of a photographer to tell your Middleton Lodge wedding story then please go to me contact page, let me know your date and I’ll check availability for you…



  1. Wow Gary fabulous wedding at a beautiful spot…Gary was photographer at my nieces wedding some 10+ years ago, one extremely talented man. The photos shown speak for themselves.
    Whilst your careful planning of a perfect day takes many months, Gary has a remarkable ability to capture the most unusal pictures I have ever seen..your photographs are you memories for many future years, getting them right takes skill and this is something Gary Walsh has in abundance. Well done and continue your exceptional work.

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