North East Wedding Photography

The Times Are A Changin…

Documentary north east wedding photography, with nothing staged and no poses is playing a bigger part in my style of wedding photography than ever before. I’ve always stressed to wedding couples that it’s their day and I’m there to capture the story of their day. More and more couples are favouring a more natural style, with a selection of must have parent pleasers…

when I photograph you with your friends are you looking for a victorian line up group or would you prefer a real friends pic. I know which I’d prefer.

because moments matter…

We’re looking for a photographer who can capture our special day in a unique, creative and artistic style, while capturing the love, fun and candid moments of the day. We would want some formal photographs of the wedding party, and of course creative portraits of the two of us, but then we like a documentary style of photographs to follow the day. 

This is the kind of enquiry im getting these days (FYI this paragraph is taken from a real recent wedding photography enquiry). I can reply back confidently and say that everything that they have asked for is how I tend to approach my wedding photography, but I’m always open to new ideas.

And we will wait for you

And lead you through the dance floor

Up to the DJ booth

You know what to ask for, you know what to ask for

The Wombats…

As a north east wedding photographer I know all of the local venues, I’m also happy to travel further afield if you really want me to cover your day. If you want me to capture the tears, the dancing and all the moments inbetween. Spending time with amazing couples at their perfect venue with friends and family is all I need to help capture their amazing day.

A creative mind never slows down, there’s no pause button. Being authentic is at the heart of everything I shoot and my source of inspiration is always the couple I’m shooting for. Human expression and communication are more important to me than latest cameras and filters. My sense of wonder and adventure will never be lost.

As an award winning north east wedding photographer I’d love to hear more about your plans and to help capture your day perfectly… You can see more of my wedding work here.

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