North Yorkshire Moors Family Portrait Session

North Yorkshire family holding hands and walking on the moors

A walk across the North Yorkshire Moors is a beautiful thing to do, add a photographer, a camera and a lovely family of five and you’ve just elevated the whole experience to the level priceless memories.

a family of 5 look out over the North Yorkshire Moors

 It’s our family – looking so effortlessly ‘US’, captured so naturally and artistically in the environment that makes our hearts sing! True treasures!

Sarah The Mum
North Yorkshire family holding hands and walking on the moors

I had a fantastic opportunity this weekend to shoot a family portrait on the North Yorkshire Moors. On the run up to this family portrait I spoke to mum Sarah and we discussed there clothing colour palette and more importantly the style of the images she wanted me to shoot. I’m comfortable shooting very stylised family portraits and organic free flowing families doing what young families do, with minimal posing and direction by me. I love this real way of working and the results reflect the special bond between each family member.

father and son laughing together outdoors on the North Yorkshire Moors

The majority of mums and dads don’t like being photographed, this is normal. A more relaxed style of family portrait is definitely what I’m getting more and more booking’s for these days. It’s still important for me to be mindful of flattering the adults, but it’s equally as important that the family look real together.

a family of 5 walking and having fun on the North Yorkshire Moors
a family of 5 laid on the grass and photographed from above
mum,daughter and baby brother hugging

The weather up here for this shoot was warm, but overcast and we even had a splash of rain. When you live and work in the North East of England you have to get used to an ever changing weather landscape. Rain unfortunately temporarily stops play, we have to book another session date at no cost to you.

family of 5 walking down a farm track on the North Yorkshire Moors

My location Family portrait sessions are now getting booked up, contact me for all the details and we can look at a location that means a lot to your family…

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