Norton Village Captured by me…

Norton village early morning image and the tree is lit with flash

I’m not a landscape photographer and I don’t have a style.  I’m inspired by my surroundings and I interpret each scene as I see and feel it in the moment…

I am a professional photographer and my studio is in Norton Village. I’m constantly searching the area for inspiration and the lockdowns have provided me with a number of unique image opportunities, obviously without compromising myself or my family, I’ve also stayed within government guidelines.  My aesthetic is based on my love of the subject and location.

Norton is where I live and my studio has been in Norton Village for 21 years (whoop), I’d have a party, but I’m not allowed.  Keeping my creative brain working is something I’ve done during all three lockdowns. This last one (I’m an optimist) has been the toughest.  Dark mornings and dark nights have never really been my friend, but in 2021 I’m not being too picky about the company I’m allowed to keep.  Getting up and out for an hour is a great start to my day, sometimes I’ll take my camera and other times I’ll just walk and take in my surroundings.  I don’t really have an agenda when I take my camera out and I’m not really too bothered if some days I don’t get to take a picture, but I do love it when I know I’ve captured something special.

So not content with plastering the fruits of my labour all over social media, I’ve decided to also give you an insight into what I see and then what the image looks like when I’ve added a dollop of je ne sais quoi.  If you like this idea, I’ll do a few more.  If you don’t like it, I might still do a few more…

Norton Village with flash.

So I’ve decided to show the finished image first and if you think the before shot is better, maybe this is not the blog post for you.  The creative process for me starts with seeing the potential in a scene, at this point I’ll take a snap on my phone to look at the light levels and whether I think it needs some additional light from me.  Next I’ll get my big camera out and put it on a tripod, then I’ll take a few pics to get the image on the back of my camera looking good, the before image I’ve posted ticks this box.  Now it’s time for me to play and have some fun, with this image I decided to add some flash to the tree, instinctively this felt right to me (it’s taken me years to nurture this instinct).  So while my camera did it’s thing capturing the scene, I walked around the back and side of the tree flashing my flash at it.  If you live near this tree, I apologise for the early morning flashing.

Norton Village straight out of camera.

I actually think the before shot is ok, but the after shot with the flash just gives the tree another dimension, I also gave Blackwells gable end a little pop of flash too, just to lift the brickwork out of the shadows.  All in all, I was quite pleased with myself and if memory serves me right, I skipped home.

Stretching myself both technically and creatively can only be a good thing for me, so when we finally say goodbye to restrictions I will definitely use this new found knowledge when I’m photographing weddings, portraits and corporate images. I’m also going to expand my local landscape images, I might even take some that are more than 15 mins away from home.  Do you have any favourite local locations you think have potential?

In the coming weeks I’m also opening a website shop of images on my www.garywalsh.co.uk website, I can’t wait for you to pop in and have a look around and hopefully you’ll be tempted to spend a few pounds to support a local business.  Thanks for reading, I’ll be back…



  1. Hi, Gary. What was the time exposure on the shot? Did it allow you to walk through rather scene using your flash, or is the flash powerful enough to highlight the mid distance?

    • Hi Jeff, it was 12 seconds at F8, this exposed the High Street correctly and while it was exposing I moved around flashing at the tree. I also put a dark coat on, instead of my usual red one, just so I wasn’t picked up in the image during the exposure. Great question BTW…

  2. Hi Garry, I’m born and bred in Norton and my family goes back to my great grandfather so I have a big love for the place. I really enjoy you photos of around the village and can usually pin point where they were taken even before I read it. I’m sure that many more people enjoy seeing your photos and enjoy sending your calendars to friends and family around the world. Please keep up the good work.

    • Thank You Barbara, I’m a lover too! Your positive support means a lot and I’ll continue to get out and about. Stay Safe, Gary

  3. Gary like you l love our village. You capture the true meaning of village life. Im proud to say l live in Norton. Your pictures show the best of Norton and our wonderful community. Keep snapping that camera.

  4. Gary I have lived in Norton for over fifty years and love the way you have captured our lovely and charming village. So keep snapping! !

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