out of the mouths of babes…

What did the alien say to the garden? Take me to your weeder… If you didn’t laugh at this, it’s safe to say your childhood is behind you.

Children possess something that all adults have lost, the quality of innocence.
I can remember with clarity when my youngest daughter started to lose that quality. She was playing with dolls under our bay window, hidden from the outside world. When I asked why she was huddled with her Barbie, complete with pink VW beetle in such a tight spot, her answer was that she didn’t want to be seen by other children (she was 21 years old after all, that’s an old joke, but still funny).
When I’m walking down the street listening to my tunes I’d love to burst into song and even bust a couple of moves, but sadly my childhood innocence is long gone and has been replaced with adult self-consciousness.
I’m going to blog a selection of wedding based questions that I’ve asked children who have been at weddings I’ve photographed and I’m hoping some of that innocence shines through. The first lot of my wedding based questions have been answered by 8 year old Mia. I photographed her Mum & Dad’s wedding at Wynyard Hall earlier this year.

First name – Mia    Age – 8 years old

1) How old will you be when you get married?
* 28, 1 year older than my mam

2) Who will you marry?
* Mason my friend from school

3) What would you like to eat at your wedding?
* Chicken dinner with chocolate cake for dessert

4) What colour shoes would you wear at your wedding?
* White

5) What flavour wedding cake would you have?
* Chocolate and strawberry

6) What favourite song would you play to dance to?
* Linkin Park – One more light.. (Not going to lie Mia has great taste in music)

7) Would you have any animals at your wedding?
* Yes, a dog

8) Where would you go on holiday after your wedding?
* Mexico

9) How much do you think your wedding will cost?
* £100 (haha is she having a laugh)bride and groom with their daughter, photographed in black and white, montaged with an image of little girl holding a plastic camera.

10) If you promise to be married forever, how long do you think forever is?
* All your life

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