Personal branding photography for your business

bar owner photographed at the doorway of his pub

Personal Branding Photography is the best way to build a brand that stands out from the crowd, people buy from people they know, like and trust. You need inspiring photos that will help you attract your dream clients. I understand branding and marketing and I know how to capture images that will show off the heart and soul of your business.

As a personal branding photographer, I will provide you with magazine quality images that you can use on your website, on your Instagram feed, for new marketing ideas and lots more. Imagine having the right images to hand and never having to worry about having to find the right images to use.

bar owner stood in front of his pub
bar owner photographed at the doorway of his pub

Not many people are comfortable being photographed by a professional photographer, this is were my people skills effortlessly kick in. Being around people is something I really enjoy and I love hearing people’s stories. Personal branding photography puts me in front of like minded business dreamers who value the importance of a professional creative photographer.

portrait of bar owner at his bar with his fave tiple

Your personal branding photography should capture the best version of you and reflect your business professionalism. Your images need to be Instagram-worthy, but also have a timeless quality that won’t date too quickly. As your photographer I need to understand what you’re trying to achieve as this will help your final images convey your brand identity.

bar owner Phil using his new fancy till

This is Phil, a beer enthusiast, a husband, a father and a beer enthusiast (it was worth 2 mentions). Phil runs a micro pub with his behind the scenes wife Emma in Stockton on Tees and as I type this post (16.05.21) they are getting the pub shipshape and all ready for their roadmap reopening on Monday. The Kopper Keg has an incredible selection of craft beers from around the country, but Phil is also really keen to showcase local award winning brewers, Three Brothers Brewing company.

bar owner collecting stock from a local brewer

THIS IS PHIL’S STORY SO FAR… Phil worked for almost 20 years in the betting industry and worked his way up the ladder to become area management. He has always been a front of house, customer facing kind of guy, its him at his best and he thrives in that environment. When he became area manager the customer facing element was taken away from him and he just wasn’t his usual happy, fun loving self. After a couple of years he made the decision to take a brave step into self-employment and open a bar with support from his wife Emma and the rest of his family. Running a bar/pub is something he and Emma had always wanted to do having working as bar supervisor/ bar staff at the Mall/ Zanzibar back in the day. The usual mortgage, marriage and children took priority and bills needed to be paid so they put that dream on hold to concentrate on life and get “proper jobs”. When this opportunity came about it was a daunting idea but one Phil was ready for, timing is everything and the time was right. Phil is made to be behind a bar, you just have to see him in action to know he fits.

Phil is a beer enthusiast, he loves nothing more than trying all kinds of craft ales and cask ales, chatting to local brewers about the process and what ideas they have coming for their next batch and relaying what he has learnt to his customers, it is such a big industry, you can never know it all and he loves it for that reason.

When putting the ideas together for The Kopper Keg, Phil and Emma did a lot of market research, and decided a micro pub that has something for everyone was the way to go in Stockton at the time. The Keg has everything from spirits, to lager, stout and cider on draught and weekly rotational cask ales on the pumps. The fridges are stocked full of craft cans from incredible breweries around the country and delicious cocktails and wines are also on offer. The Keg has been refurbished to a high standard and the atmosphere in is relaxed, family friendly, cosy and somewhere everyone is welcome.

bar owner stood in doorway with cans of beer in the foreground
bar owner pulling a pint
bar owner pouring a can of beer
bar owner pouring a craft ale into a fancy glass
bar owner in a bar owners pose, studio style portrait

Gary, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you so much for the incredible photographs. As a local independent business owner, marketing and promotion is an essential part of being and continuing to be, relevant in a very competitive industry and your work will help me achieve this no end. I’m not the most comfortable when having my photo taken but you made the whole experience a joy, we had such a laugh! You came fully prepared with ideas and you have such a personable warmth about you which instantly helped me to relax. The photographs have turned out better than I could have asked and different from anything I’ve seen within the industry and local businesses, you truly are gifted. Thank you again…

The temptation is to make photography a low priority in business, by doing this you are missing out on the huge value professional photography can bring if you have a powerful message to share with your audience.

If you think personal branding photography will help your business, I can’t wait to work with you!

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