Portrait Gallery

A captivating expression and gorgeous light, complimented with a beautiful location, these are the three main elements that I’m looking for when I shoot a location portrait.


Let’s start with the location. One of the first things I ask when I’m booking an outdoor session is: do you have somewhere meaningful to you and your family? A backdrop with a strong emotional connection will always add value to a portrait shoot.  If you don’t have anywhere specific in mind, I will scout the area to find somewhere that fits with your ideas or the creative plan we make together.


I have just invested in a full set of travel lights, which are ideal for location portraits, a subtle flash of light can lift a very ordinary day.  On the extraordinary daylight days, I will work with natural light.


My portrait sessions are not a race. I want everyone who stands in front of my camera to feel as relaxed as they possibly can, and I achieve this by allowing the right amount of settle down time for each shoot.  There’s no camera trickery involved in getting people to look relaxed in my images, it’s always because they are…