Pretty as a pictureat Headlam Hall

bride and groom image taken at Headlam Hall colour image usig gelsI’ve photographed and seen many changes over the years at Headlam Hall.  I remember when the stable lounge was a swimming pool (true story).  My itinerary of wedding venues over the past couple of years has been scattered like feeding corn to hungry ducks.  From week to week and wedding to wedding I’ll find myself in Northumberland then Teesside and back again.  Discovering places and venues from sat nav to real life.  These are exciting times for a creative wedding photographer, my work is changing and improving with every new location and every visit back to an old favourite.  I’m seeing new angles for wedding photography and learning new techniques to implement when the opportunity arises.  From a technical point of view, I’ve changed all my lenses and I’m loving the lowlight situations I can now create in. Thank You to all my lovely couples for coming on the journey with me and booking me for more exciting times ahead… x

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