Sam & Dan // Hunley Hall //

How long have you known each other? We’ve known each other 4 years.
How did you meet? We met on a night out in Middlesbrough.
Can you share your proposal story? Dan proposed on Christmas Eve first thing on the morning, it was the sweetest thing. He wanted to propose Christmas Day but I was working.
Which venues did you view before you settled on Your venue? We viewed Treebridge and then Hunley Hall. We fell in love straight away, especially with the views! Although that didn’t turn out to well due to the misty day.
What was the best moment of your day? We both said the best moment was when we first clocked eyes on each other when I was coming down the aisle. Realising that this was it… we’re getting married.
What would your dream wedding breakfast menu be? Starter/Main/Desert? We both would choose something different but probably along the lines of Mexican and something salted caramel for dessert!
Would you change anything about your day if you could do it again? We would of changed the weather but it was worth it for the shot of “mist to Mrs”
Do you feel any different now you’re married? We both feel different it’s a lovely feeling!
How’s married life? Amazing! Planning trips to Canada to visit my brother.
Have you got a wedding top tip? Try not to stress, it all comes together in the end.
Invite one more guest alive or dead, can be a celebrity or someone you know, who would it be and why? My Grandma, she passed away when my Mam was only a teenager so we never got to meet her. She sounds like she was an incredible woman and she raised a wonderful daughter. We bet she was there in spirit!
Is there one song that reminds you of your wedding day? Our first dance, Lonestar – amazed
On your wedding day what time did you go to bed? About 2am!

Thank You Sam and Dan for having me at your wedding… If you’re in need of a photographer to tell your Hunley Hall story, then please go to my contact page, let me know your date and I’ll check availability for you…

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