Once a scout always a scout…

Location image of 4 cousins in the Autumn leaves at Hutton Rudby

Every aspect of booking a children’s location session needs to be enjoyable and effortless – from the first contact, to collecting your wall portraits. The locations used can be personal to you and your family, or one of the many locations I’ve managed to find on my travels. My eyes are always open, and my notebook full of places, landmarks and grid references. Seasons change and the landscape changes too so I’ve got to be armed with all the relevant information before arranging a session meet up. If a location is going to make the grade, it has to first of all tick my three main boxes – safety, accessibility and that the background options are all in close proximity. Photographing children outdoors needs to be fun for the children, and productive for me. It is important to keep control without suppressing their individuality. Play is very important as it can evoke a multitude of natural expressions and keep them engaged. If I’m shooting groups of children, I’m looking to capture the relationships between siblings.

I always carry a car full of camera equipment, from outdoor lights and stands to a variety of lenses, reflectors and gizmos. These never get a mention during a shoot as I’d much rather learn about hatchimals and match attacks (I’ve got my credibility to think about).

If you’re interested in booking a children’s portrait session, you can either ring the studio 01642 355205 or send an email studio@garywalsh.co.uk. Let’s get your session into my diary before another year passes…

Location image of 4 cousins in the Autumn leaves at Hutton Rudby

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