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Our Visual Culture…I've always loved photography

visual bride and groom at sunset, with text over the image
Capturing visual moments is my business.  Just before Maisie and Alan danced together at Le Petit Chateau, we popped outside as the sun dipped enough to catch the top corner of their embrace and 5 mins later we were back indoors for the moves…

Photography changed the world and it’s how we remember modern history.

visual bride close up portrait, shot overhead and the bride is holding a champagne flute at Middleton Lodge
visual close up of bride and groom walking from church in the rain
visual bride and dad entering the room at Crathorne Hall, groom in the foreground emotional

A compact camera would always come to Whitby with the family for our Summer holiday, ice cream surrounding a smiling face (standard shot) and a combination of family groups in a beer garden with pint pots dominating the foreground, if the weather was good there would be a buried sibling beach shot. The film would stay in the camera from sunshine to snow and by January the film would be popped in an envelope and posted to Truprint. A week later 36 glossy 6″x4″ prints would drop through the letterbox (about 8 of these photos would be keepers) and you’d get a free AGFA roll of 35mm film that would last you another year.

visual bride and groom silhouetted against a winter scene at Charlton Hall
visual Groomsmen walking through a woodland to get to church
brother and sister toddlers at a window at Le Petit Chateau
I love these quick captured candid moments…

fast forward to mobile phone photography where you can take 100 visual images and keep none or possibly one, once you’ve put it through a slimming app (what a time to be alive). The value of the outtakes increases tenfold (loads) over time, but if every image has to be perfect, the finger partially covering the lens shot will be lost forever.

bride and groom at sunset, with the viel blowing at Le Petit Chateau
groom and ushers playing croquet on the lawn at whinstone view
bride and groom stood by twinkle lights at Whinstone View

when I’ve shot and then designed a wedding album I love turning the pages and seeing my images in print.

2 flowergirls running on the lawn at Lartington Hall
bland and white image of bride and dad hugging in the bridal suite at Yorkshire Wedding Barn

“Images in our lives have not lost any of there significance, we just need to look after them better.” – Gary Walsh

“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.” – Aaron Siskind



Amazing wedding photographer North East… 

CHEERS…a top table at Middleton Lodge

black and white image taken of the top table at Middleton Lodge

I’d like to raise a glass to Mr & Mrs Caygill (Neil and Bridget)… I’ve had the pleasure of photographing both of their daughter’s weddings and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both. Family and friends have made me feel very welcome and I have had plenty of laughs along the way.  A couple of things I’ve learnt about Neil and Bridget is that one of them enjoys a drink of port and Ska music and the other comes with a gaggle of sisters… Bottoms Up x

Wedding Survival TipsBeing organised is being in control...

You’ve read all the magazines and listened to advice from family and friends, but these survival tips come to you from industry insiders who know the do’s and don’ts. You will benefit from their coalface experience – from planning to etiquette and essentials and frivolity… Listen up!

Shona Harper-Wilkesowner with her husband John of Lartington Hall, near Barnard Castle. Previous owners include a drunken monk and an eccentric widow, her butler & parrot. Lartington Hall is a stately home that’s as gorgeous on the inside as it is on the out.  Set in beautiful gardens, flower filled woodland and rolling parkland.

#5 Wedding Day Decor – putting on the styling…

When thinking about the styling for your big day, try not to stick too rigidly to tightly defined ideas such as colours or themes, which can not only be stressful but can risk looking over engineered and also limits your available choices. Instead, think of an overarching style you simply love and everything else will fall into place, looking stylish, effortless and beautiful. Think tastefully elegant rather than matchy matchy!

Feel free to share this blog post and future top tips with anyone you think may need help with drama – free wedding planning.


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