MPA traing day at GF Smith headquarters in Hull
Location Portrait Training Day in Hull.
Gary Walsh delivering a seminar in London
Seminar time in London.


Gary was a guest trainer at the UK’s No1 photographic training company for over 5 years and will soon be ready to start training in Norton. No jargon, just an honest and generous approach…

Your hobby should give you a sense of well being and be something you enjoy doing. If you understand your camera and discover what all those dials and buttons do, this will give you the confidence not to fear your camera which in turn will allow you to rediscover or unlock your hidden creative talent.
The camera owner’s manual is normally about 200 pages long and I think they are produced to confuse, complicate and frighten you! I will encourage you to put that manual away and using layman’s terms I will simplify the bells and whistles on your camera that frighten you. I will cover all the different shooting modes your camera is capable of, but more importantly I will help you understand the basics of composition and lighting which will have a positive impact on your photography.
We will then spend some time taking photographs together and I will guide you through your camera controls, taking fantastic photographs shouldn’t be a happy accident. The trick is to see the final image before you take it and then you need to tell your camera what you want it to do…



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