Vincent and his humans…

portrait of engaged couple with their dog Vincent taken on location at Stokesley

The first time I worked with Gary it was on a surprise location shoot at Crathorne Hall for my dad.  It took a while for me to settle because my mam brought my ball along and I love my ball.  Gary kept trying to get me to lay down, but when mam has my ball, I’ve got only one thing on my mind, until she gets the treats out and then I’m all over the treats.  The grounds at Crathorne hall were smashing and the steps upto the lawn were fantastic for running up and then back down and then up and then back down. I sensed we were here for more than a run out so with the help of treats and my ball going missing, I decided to lay down for a minute.  The next thing I remember was lights flashing and Gary the photographer becoming very excitable and animated.  I like to think I gifted him a couple of great poses (see below).

I decided to work with Gary again, this time with my mam and dad.  They are getting married, which means I’ll finally have one surname. The proposal happened in Stokesley just off the High Street, which is were we met for our shoot.  If I’ve learnt one thing about working with a professional photographer it’s that it’s all about good light.  So while he faffed on with his lights, I made a start on the treats.  When Gary was ready I gave him three of my best poses and then I’d had enough.  Luckily he got a great shot of me, it’s not too bad of mam & dad.  I’d definitely work with Gary again and I’ll pass his name onto all my pals, Vincent…

dog portrait outdoors at Crathorne Hall portrait of engaged couple with their dog Vincent taken on location at Stokesley

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