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young lady photographed in Newton Wood holding fern and surrounded by bluebells

young lady photographed in Newton Wood holding fern and surrounded by bluebells big sister holding a brother for sale card and little brother holding a I love my sister chalk board Beautiful close up of a baby in the studio in black and white a young lady in a floral dress smiling in the pink blossom

Enquiries come to my studio via email, social media and sometimes by phone.  The first question I get asked is how much?  Once we get over this hurdle and I’ve gone through the price structure, we get to the fun part!  Do you have any creative ideas of your own? This is the first question I ask and sometimes parents have very strong ideas and others through chatting we can evolve an idea together.  The brother for sale image came from a mum who had a pretty good idea of the content of her session, my input was the location, lighting and the gathering of props.  The little girl in the blossom was a right time, right season image created by me.  The black and white image of the young girl in my studio was captured as part of a one hour studio session and grew from playing with light and angles to bring her eyes and lashes out in a shot.  The little girl standing in the bluebells in the hills shot was an image captured during a brother and sisters session.  We’d already established that the bluebells would frame the images and the clothing was discussed prior to the shoot based on the setting.  All the images have a variety of flash, daylight and reflectors used in them, but for me what is equally as important as the photographic equipment is that the children all look at ease with their surroundings.    I want us to make the best images we can and I want to see our final creations complimented with the appropriate framing.  When finished pieces are collected, paid for and hung on your walls, I want the whole team to be proud of what we have achieved…  Thank You to all my team, I wouldn’t have a business without you xxx


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